Shop cool tween styles online!

Shop cool tween styles online!

Today we are talking about a topic that is more and more present in my own life as well – where to shop cool tween styles? Especially online?

Truth is that most children’s fashion designers stop at age 10 (on average), some may go up a bit more but the French or Belgium brands, for example, size so small that a size 16 just about fits my 12-year-old.

The industry caught up and there are indeed more teen or tween brands around, but the shopping part stays tricky. Why? Because a lot of shops stop at around age 10 as well…

And then I got an email from Jessica who is the owner of online kids boutique Little Skye who asked me if we can collaborate. A quick look at her shop and I said yes. Because she has a whole category dedicated to tweens!

So if you are the same as me, with a tween at home, and you are not inspired by the high street you have to check this out. Kids trendy clothing, a great mix of easy to wear as well as fashion brands, from urban wear to boho chic. And every piece is age appropriate, cute, and tween-approved. Think crop tops that aren’t too cropped, cool shorts, fun sweaters and more staples to wear again and again…


Shop cool tween styles online!
Do you wonder how everything can be tween approved and selected? Jessica and her colleagues are always double checking with their own tweens. They even take them to fashion shows to get immediate feedback and selections.

So what is currently the hit in tween clothing?

Denim shorts – basically never out of style and choosing a high waisted version makes the crop top easier too. (as a tip!)
Yellow – the colour of this summer and it will stay a bit from what I saw at the fairs over the last weeks. (trend report following)
Athleisure – athletic leisure wear is still in vogue. Sporty, casual, stylish and cool. T H E look.
Anything tropical, like pineapple prints or palm appliques.  Flamingos, toucans, coconuts… you name it!
Playsuits – tweens are loving these easy pieces and you can find them in many variations.
Cropped tops!



Shop cool tween styles online!

From my own tween I can confirm the above trends. And also that dresses are not an element anymore, or at least only very rarely. And she loves hip accessories like cute hair ties, fun socks, or a quirky backpack.

I find this phase very interesting and also like to discover what my daughter enjoys and what she is drawn to. For now it is all shorts, fun t shirt, sandals or sneakers and a casual jumper. Life can be so easy… and I definitively enjoy the athleisure wave. Chic but comfortable!

No tween yet? Little Skye has plenty of trendy girls clothes for other ages too!

In collaboration with Little Skye Kids Boutique!

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