What shoes do boys and girls wear this Autumn?

naturino kids shoes

What shoes do boys and girls wear this Autumn? It is a good question, right? What do they choose and which style talks to them?

Today I will show you what my two monkeys selected. And, believe it or not, there is actually quite a lot of thought going into the decision. Without me intervening much.

What can I do with the shoe? Do I have something to wear with them? My friend xy has something similar…
And so on… it is quite interesting and fun, and as mentioned before – I like to let me children choose. Because they will wear the shoes and I want them to love them and to put them on without big discussions. You know what I mean. The good thing about Naturino shoes is, that they are always easy to put on because the boots or ankle sneakers usually come with a zip on the side. So convenient!
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naturino kids shoes

naturino kids shoes

naturino kids shoes

naturino kids shoes

I love Leonor’s choice and to be honest I was a little surprised. I thought she would go for something more girly.

She loves pink at the moment and butterflies and unicorns. So this black patent bootie is a great change and fits with so many things. Especially when you opted for something girly to wear, these make a perfect contrast. Like here, with the layered tutu skirt. For me, personally, a ‘romantic’ shoe would have been too much…


naturino kids shoes
naturino kids shoes

Antoine loves to play football. All the time. So it had to be a sneaker!

High-quality ankle sneakers that are easy to put on and go with everything. Track pants, jeans or even a chino – looking great and stylish with whatever he chooses from his wardrobe.


Curious to see what the little one, Josephine, selected to wear this Autumn? Find out!


In collaboration with Naturino. High quality and stylish shoes that accompany my children through their childhood.

All images: Paul & Paula


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