Road trip – only two more weeks before the trip

alba bici illustrations
Wow! 2 weeks ago I really started to get nervous… that was when I realised that we only had 4 more weeks.

4 more weeks to prepare and to be able to leave with nothing left on the to-do-list…

Another 2 more weeks later and the “deadline” keeps me busy. Pushing me to prepare the blog as good and as much as possible. But of course there are other things to prepare to: what to take {and what not… 9 weeks away you really do not want to have things in your bag you never need}, what to do “sur place” and and and…

What to do with the car, the plants, the mail… you name it.

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Of course everything will be good. Everything is booked. We double checked that we did not forget a night {or double booked one}…. Just got a travel high chair {one you can attach to the table} after we found out that most of the houses and apartments do not provide one… things like that.

alba bici illustrations

In two weeks we are already in California. Discovering San Francisco and probably trying to fight the jetlag. Here in the South of Sweden we are blessed with summer weather for the last days {could even speak about weeks by now} so we are not leaving all white… my plan was to take a picture of all of us at the airport before we leave and then another one just before we come back. I will still do that but the kids already have lighter hair, white striped on their feet and bellies full of ice cream…

Speaking about the kids – they are still so much in love with the fact that we will have an RV {camping car} for one part of the trip. Romy’s birthday will fall just in these 2 weeks and she tells everyone… and wishes for a campfire to grill marshmallows.

alba bici illustrations
9 weeks we will be gone and sometimes I still find it a little surreal. 9 weeks. So long! So cool and so thankful that we can do this…

The whole family together for a whole summer.

Of course I will report {live on my IG} and especially update you with some photos here. Take you along the trip and share our adventure.


> The beautiful illustrations are done by Alba Bici from abdsign. Especially for this post! So beautiful and so nice. Thank you Alba. We are ready to hit the waves.  Alba does great custom illustrations, get in touch with her to discuss your ideas! <


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