Poppy – modular furniture

Creativity meets durability!

POPPY modular structures solve storage problems in a creative way, by presenting an array of fun and customizable storage furniture.

The structures are easy to assemble and may generate many different useful settings. You basically select one box and start from there. Add more and in any colour you would like and assemble your own “cabinet” or choose from the kits that already include a few pieces and then you can still change up to your taste!

So you can buy some modules now and get more afterwards, according to your budget and depending on the space you have.
At the same time, POPPY is also designed for careful parents, who are concerned with giving their children a safe, funny and playful room.

POPPY creatures are strong and last for several years. They look slim, cute and funny.
For everyone who cares about design, quality and creativity.

If you like this as much as I do, check here for instructions on how to buy!

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