Petits Vilains

Petits Vilains
Simple things, done right, are the best! And Petits Vilains is the best example.
The collection is a modern take on timeless silhouettes. Each piece feels special but can be worn every day.

Designed and made in Vancouver, Canada, Petits Vilains is all about quality, fabrication and  sustainability. The fabrics are always natural and the fits are relaxed. Many of the pieces will last two years on the same child.

‘Our philosophy is to own fewer, better-quality things, so we take pride in the quality and construction of our clothing.’

The sustainable and ethical production is the core of the brands’ ethos. ‘Making beautiful clothes is what we love doing, but we only wanted to do it if we could do it feeling really good about how our clothes were made and what they were made with.’

Everything is made in Vancouver.

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