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Before I tell you the story, I need to tell you a story!

Exactly 2 1/2 years ago I turned a page or better: I closed a chapter. Leonor was born, baby number three… all healthy and perfect. I relaxed and enjoyed. I had given birth to three healthy and happy children. Everything was good and our little {big} family felt complete…

No more being pregnant and worrying that everything will be ok. Something, by the way, that only started with baby two and three. The first time around I did not even think about anything else than a normal natural birth and tada – I am a mum. That did not happen and my sensors were alert from then on!

Leonor turned 2 last September and I saw how our life changed a little. She became more and more independent. Things got easier and so on… I am sure you know what I mean.

We started to make plans, especially travel plans for 2015. And I also made plans for my little business. Creative plans, a part I wanted {still want} to grow and initiate some fun collaborations etc…

As you can already guess… things are not really going according these plans here at the Paul & Paula house. Not at all.

Actually we are running our very own roller coaster over here.


Beginning January I went to Germany and spent a few days with one of my best friends. Just a day or two after I came back I felt really strange. I thought I caught something during the trip or it was some kind of stress relief because I had two flights in the middle of a rather big storm going on in North Germany and Scandinavia and I was really really anxious and stressed…. but ok, that’s another story and that is …


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… not what it was … 2015 was holding a little {BIG} surprise for us: We are expecting baby number F O U R!

There it is! Big news! And I will be honest with you here… this was a shock in the very beginning. This was not planned. So how will we do, organise, have enough time with every child individually and also… do we like to go back to “baby time”?

I will tell you… there is no right or wrong here. It is very private…. but I also could not just announce big, happy, exciting news without the “whole” story. Even so I will not share the whole story just: I {we} had a rather tough week to digest. Hardly anyone really knows… it is as it is.
I mean FOUR is a big number. Ah!

We digested, we talked {a lot}, looked at organisational things and much more. Changed all our travel plans, coped with the first 12 weeks. Decided on another rather big project we always had in our heads and it seems now it is just the moment to do it {topic: holiday house}. We saw that this happened because it was meant to be. We will be a family of SIX.

My plans of course changed too. Nearly 100%. The first weeks I was happy when I managed to do the minimum {but not a tiny bit more}. I was sooooo tired. And that was not the plan {haha, the German me and all those plans… I know…}… I wanted to do things. Move mountains and so… well…. I only moved cushions on the sofa to rest more comfortable!


The kids are excited. Romy straight away told all her friends {and more} and tries to find a way to see if it will be a girl or boy. Antoine wants a brother {of course}. Romy a sister {…}. Leonor abstained from voting.

The kids decided that I know everything and think I am withholding the answer by not telling….

Today: Energy levels are back, fresh orange juice all day long and…. the realisation that being pregnant with already 3 little ones running around is a bit crazy :)

And yes, when I really think about it…. 4 kids… it scares me. In all honesty. Scares me!

A friend I met last week said: But you will be this big cool family. This is so awesome.

I like that. I liked that picture that came in my mind…


Maybe there is somebody reading. With 4 children. How are you doing? Please tell me!


And I believe everything happens for a reason. A little shock is OK. Maybe even good.


Oh and about the roller coaster. I told you in my little Xmas post that things have been not so positive in my family. We are still dealing with it and it is not easy {especially when you live rather far away} but I can tell you sometimes I had no real idea anymore what and how I feel with a surprise baby on top.


Sooooo… long post. Personal. Thank you for reading and clap clap…. baby number four is expected for mid/ end September.

There will be a little more about babies here again {you maybe noticed already anyway… } and I bookmarked some cool stuff for expectant women as well. Soon!

And in general I will put my head into the baby gear essentials because we gave away many {most} baby things because yes yes…. we thought we do not need them anymore.


Yours truly. Yes for 2015. Yes for surprises. Lots of love xoxo


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PS: Text edited a zillion times…

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