Just a normal Saturday with four children in the house

a normal Saturday with four children in the house
How was your week end? It looks like we are having a ‘soft’ autumn and can enjoy the lovely temperatures a little longer. On the other hand I was reading another article about climate change this morning and those mild temperatures do not feel so tempting anymore. Let’s not get all ‘big topic’ here (there are other blogs for that out there) but it is definitely something to keep in mind

And to be honest, we are more busy with holes in the wall and sorting out wardrobes and cupboards than walks in the park. So when I was thinking about taking pictures of the kids in their new Autumn wardrobe, I was not tempted at all to do some ‘styled stuff’. I felt more like – lets just show them how they are. And how we are, here… with four kids in the house.

Between the ages of three and eleven. Playing, running, jumping, loving, shouting and so on… because there is always at least one little person up to something in our house.

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Meet me at The Family Circle!

The Family Circle

In two weeks time I will be in one of my favourite cities – Hamburg, Germany. The good reader will now think – what, wait… Hamburg… I thought you will be in London then. Well, nearly… we will move the week after. You know, no biggie. Haha…

But back to Hamburg… a really cool new concept called THE FAMILY CIRCLE – THE NEW POP-UP EVENT FOR FAMILIES will take place for the very first time. And even so it says pop up, it is really so much more!

And what will I do there?

One of my favourite things – I will create the Trend Space for the event. And in this case I will install, prepare and decorate a complete children’s room. And there is one thing I can already tell you: It’s gonna be amazing!

Yeah, I am normally not somebody who likes to brag but since I know all the cool stuff that will go into the room… it is going to be awesome! So, if you are in Hamburg or around, I would love to see and meet you there…
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Stunning embroidered knitwear for the little ones

Stunning embroidered knitwear for the little ones
My heart jumped a beat when I discovered this treasure. First it is so beautiful and special (something you recognize immediately) and it ticks my current obsessions for everything Autumn fashion big time.

The mother-daughter duo, Marina and Micaella, founded Wild Wawa in February 2015. At that time Micaella was living in Brazil and had her first daughter. And during one of Marinas visits as a new grandma they decided to follow their dream and create a collection of children’s clothing. And I am so glad they did.
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A delightful family home in Sweden

PAUL & PAULA: a delightful family home in Sweden
Good Morning! Are you ready for another interior tour?

This beautiful family home is situated in the middle of a leafy residential neighborhood in Stockholm. A bright space with lots of delightful details. French doors, wooden flooring, the fireplace and lots of original features like the original windows. The current owners definitely have a fantastic eye for interiors and I love the colour combinations and mix of vintage and modern design.

And I love how simple the kids room is. Calm colours, toys, a cosy bed and some sweet decor items to add some charm. The light in Scandinavia is special and you can see it in these images as well. (something I will miss for sure!) Soft, bright and a little magic I always feel.
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Relaxed autumn styles for children

Paul & Paula: autumn styles for children
Hello! How are you? Sorry, I went a little MIA last week but I was away, the move needs attention (especially the paper work) and of course there are a couple of kids in our house too. September includes two birthday’s plus parties that need to be organised and prepared. You know the drill. So the blog had to take a back seat and that is totally fine once in a while as well.

Generally I am thinking a lot the blog and the content more and more. I asked you on Insta and spoke to a few people. Of course it will stay a fashion and design blog. And I want to integrate a few more personal articles (again) here too… but I wonder how much I want to share look books ‘only’. Maybe the very amazing ones (like today) here and there. But not as a main content provider…

What do you think about a mix of fashion, interior, personal and design? Sounds quite nice right? Lifestyle it is I guess… and maybe I will skip a day here and there. Focusing on prime stuff instead of ‘quantity’… slow blogging. Is that a thing? Yet? A little more soul I feel…

Not sure how I can swing back to today’s post from here but I want to show you this really cool new collection from Fish and Kids. (read more about them in my first feature of the label)
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