Iceland with kids – part two

Iceland with kids

And here we are for the other half of the trip of Iceland with kids!

I hope that you enjoyed the first part and started checking on how to get to Iceland. Are you ready for part two? Because today I will show you another side of the surprising Icelandic nature…

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Iceland with kids – part one

iceland with kids
Wow! Ok, so this trip happened just about one year ago and it is rather embarrassing that I only manage to get this out now. Better late than never, I know… but still. On the positive side – it is so lovely to relive everything again by going through every day and stops we made to write them down.

Because let me give you the Iceland message before I start to get into the details: This was one of our most amazing and memorable trips ever. We are still talking about it, the kids do talk about it and if there is a chance to go – take it!

Why? Because Iceland is different, it is so beautiful that you think that are driving through a postcard all of the time. Because you will discover so many different landscapes in a week and because it is energizing. I remember how ‘high’ we were for a few weeks after the trip. All glowing and full of sparkle! Iceland really does something to you…

What did we do: We rented a camper van for our family of six and did the tour of the island in one week. Yes, all the way around the whole of Iceland (staying on the main road).

Age of kids during trip: 10, 7, 5 and 2

What you need to know before going:

Iceland is/ can be windy so bring wellies and good rain/ wind jackets. We were very lucky during our trip and only experienced one full day of rain. Otherwise the weather was quite good and dry. Nonetheless temperatures never exceeded 20C and a good jacket was essential.
It is expensive! It is a fact. And when going during the ‘high season’ which is mid May – mid/ end August then everything like cars and hotels is even more expensive. We did go in August because the chances of dry days and Okish temperatures are much higher. We did not feel ‘cool enough’ to deal with cold, rain and wind and four kids in a camper.
Get all the assurances you can for your rented car/camper. Because of the wind and terrain that can easily throw tiny stones at your car windows and so on…!
Supermarkets are a little less expensive in Reykjavik and since you will start from there (usuall) it is wise to stock up. BONUS is one that has good prices (compared) but I will share what we did on our first day below.
Make the most out of all the pools and thermal hot springs. This is divine, so amazing for your skin and warms you up. Plus, if you drive in a camper, you have showers included which means you do not need to use the one in your car.
You can pay with your card everywhere. Very common in Scandinavia and so practical. Even a hot dog at a gas station or a coffee – just pay with your card. Convenient!
If you camp, you can get the Camping Card. You can pay a fee, get a card and then you can use all camp sites that participate with the card. No reservations necessary!
And please note: No wild camping and no going off main roads. Iceland is getting very strict about it to preserve their beautiful nature!
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A world of rainbows for the little ones


A world of rainbows for the little ones

Before I will continue start re-start to work on some more personal articles I will share some rainbows for kids with you today! I am not so sure what triggered this selection, or I just cannot remember, but rainbows are always a good idea! Don’t you agree?
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After the trade shows article – thoughts and so…

After the trade shows article - thoughts and so...

On my private Instagram I did a poll yesterday. Asking if my readers would generally like to see more personal posts here (with 98% who clicked on YES I think that is a clear message!), I then asked what kind of personal posts we are talking about. (you can still join if you like and leave your reply there)

And one answer was ‘your thoughts and ideas’. That is a wide stretch of a topic but it reminded me that I wanted to write an article to summarise the trade show season. Talk a bit about the things I have heard, discussed and of course witnessed. There is no deny that things are changing fast these days….

And give you my two cents as well.
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Organic and gender neutral kids clothes from Tenth & Pine

Paul & Paula: Organic and gender neutral kids clothes from Tenth & Pine
Oh this is the perfect find for my mood. Expect a longer personal post very soon (I have the feeling that it will be good to share some of the things that happened and are happening in 2018!). Yesterday was a ‘low day’ that ended with the wisdom that today is a new day. Ha! What a surprise. But really… it ended with me telling myself that some days are just ‘low’ and that happens. And when we wake up again it will be better. Also, adding some humour (lots) does help too. Oh… and reaching out to friends, which means that I have coffee dates lined up for tomorrow and Friday!

But anyway. Tenth & Pine definitely put a smile on my face. A warm one. I like their message and their story and it really feels like the perfect fit for today and for the moment…

Kerynn creates organic, modern, gender neutral pieces for your little people. And not only that, they do come with a sweet message. Warm words. Nothing kitschy, just lovely.

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