18 things for a better stay-at-home May!

18 things for a better stay-at-home May!

Technically I am late. Because I am usually sharing my monthly list the last Friday of the month. But since things are just a bit different right now (and I actually totally did not notice that tomorrow is the 1st of May until right now), the first of May is just as good. Yes?!

And last April definitely was very different from any other April and I think I never wrote that little here on Paul & Paula. Admitting that I never thought that having the kids home and doing the whole school thing would be that time consuming. The days fly by and boom, it is 8pm and all I want to do is hang on my couch.

What drives me, and keeps my going, is running. And I added a lot of km to my weeks these days!

How are you doing at the moment? I actually wrote on our kitchen calendar, usually decorated in many colours and handwritings, SAME SAME SAME in bold letters all over the week. And that is how I feel mostly: Same. Every day is the same. Therefore we want to make it a bit more fun, inspiring, and fresh with this new list today.

And of course, I added some things that will make the current situation more bearable. Enjoy:


yellow kitchen
Starting with a yellow kitchen to give you the best start!

I want these boots*!


bonnie and the gang baby romper
Ine de Haes launched a new brand. For little people!

Entertain the kids: Cool craft ideas or colouring sheets. Or both!


embroidered hoop sequins
So many adorable things, especially the embroidered hoops*! Big love!



Lovely London house.

I know, the C word is everywhere, but this article is interesting: All the things COVID-19 will change forever!


play roll kids colouring roll paper
PLAY ROLL*! Keeping the kids entertained just got a bit easier…

Pretty mugs* make for good starts into a day.


quincy mae
A great collection* of poetic and timeless wardrobe staples for the tiniest of tots. At very reasonable prices too.

Truly loving this London-based skincare brand. All organic, simple, and natural. And right now is a good time to give our beauty program a little more attention and love I think!


mix of chairs kitchen table
Loving the colourful chairs around the table.

Everything* for the most enjoyable home. In the best colours and made from soft fabrics.


kids desk harto

white bunk bed
Such a well designed space in my home town!

Great book that encourages children to go play outside and discover what nature has to offer. Perfect timing!


soor plom dress
Quintessentially cool kidswear* from Brooklyn!

Another practical and pretty necessity to make the current times more pleasant: Desk Organisers*


Wishing you all a good month of May, that hopefully ends with good news…


*affiliate links
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Industrial nursery with warm Scandinavian undertones

Industrial nursery with warm Scandinavian undertones

Hello Hello! How are you all doing? I really hope that your time at home works out ok for you. We are ok over here but I have to say that my days are really filled with home schooling and there is not much left for work.

Most projects and events have been postponed anyway, but even writing an article is tricky. And I admit – I did not anticipate that. Moreover, I thought that I could squeeze in a bit of work here and there.
But hey, it is what it is and we are staying positive. We have food, we are healthy, and we even have a garden. All good!

Therefore, whenever I manage to publish something I feel a little proud. And since I do not feel very inspired to bringing you things to buy and so on I am focusing more on interiors. Because they can really lift a mood and give you a little kick. Plus, they might inspire a little project in your own four walls. Remember the art prints for kids, a really cool way to give a room a new and quick new look.

But let’s talk about todays interior! This industrial nursery with warm Scandinavian undertones is so full of personality. Please come in:


Industrial nursery with warm Scandinavian undertones

Industrial nursery with warm Scandinavian undertones

Industrial nursery with warm Scandinavian undertones

Industrial nursery with warm Scandinavian undertones

Little Lila is living in Leytonstone, London together with her parents Claire Brennan, a fashion stylist, and George Chapman, an automotive content strategist.

It is a four-story Victorian semi home with high ceilings, lovingly collected mirrors and furniture, timeless investment pieces, and  a warm-industrial vibe with a Scandi twist. All over you will find plenty of blacks and grays alongside whites and light blues.

And Lila’s room? “We wanted her room to retain the character and personality that we’d tried to create throughout the house.”

My favourite nook in her room is the fireplace. Perfect spot for decor, and with the chipped and original green paint it gives the room a lovely charm.


Industrial nursery with warm Scandinavian undertones

Industrial nursery with warm Scandinavian undertones

Industrial nursery with warm Scandinavian undertones

Industrial nursery with warm Scandinavian undertones

Industrial nursery with warm Scandinavian undertones

Industrial nursery with warm Scandinavian undertones
Sharing some more corners of this interesting home. Which is a true family house with little toys and kids paintings here and there.

Claire and George did most of the necessary renovations and extension by themselves. And they exposed or renovated as many of the original features as possible. For example the floorboards and door frames are all original. And the slate fireplaces on the ground floor come from George’s parents’ converted pigsty in Somerset!

Via: Apartment Therapy
Photos: Rachel Manns
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Creative Regency style family townhouse in London

Creative Regency style family townhouse in London

Come in and dream! Yes. Dream! This beautiful townhouse in London is such a great mix of styles and interesting ideas. Plus a very cool colour scheme throughout the property.

Starting in the basement with a pink kitchen, moving upwards into green, and turning blue like the sky when stepping into the children’s rooms.

The decoration is both design and traditional, and combines the traditional Regency style of its time with a design extension to the garden, featuring a living area and an open kitchen. The house was restored and refurbished by its architect-owner for his family.

Come and have a look inside this creative Regency style family townhouse in London:

Creative Regency style family townhouse in London

Creative Regency style family townhouse in London

Creative Regency style family townhouse in London

Creative Regency style family townhouse in London

Creative Regency style family townhouse in London

Creative Regency style family townhouse in London

I enjoy seeing that the old historical details have been preserved and the combination with modern design, when done right, enhances the end result. Old and new blend together, we can find modern steel features, exposed brick walls, wooden floors, and a kitchen out of a decor magazine.

Holly Grove is the most distinctive part of the conservation area, characterised by a rigorous building line of paired and terraced villas in which strong and simple brick details are used to create a steady rhythm of vertical elements.”

The house has five bedrooms and is situated in Holly Grove. A residential street in Peckham, buzzling with cafes, boutiques and restaurants. Plus it is a lovely green and family friendly area as well.

Creative Regency style family townhouse in London

Creative Regency style family townhouse in London

Ever dreamed about a pink kitchen? You might after this one! What an impressive open-plan lower-ground floor kitchen and living space which opens fully to the garden through glazed doors.


Creative Regency style family townhouse in London

Loving the exposed bricks and curved archway.

The house is very bright, somehow playful, and definitely very welcoming. I would absolutely love to have a cup of tea in that kitchen…


More London homes? How about this Edwardian family home or this very special and arty fairy tale place?


Via The Modern House


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The coolest art prints for the children’s room!

best art prints Kids Room

A fantastic piece of art can make a child’s bedroom or a playroom come alive immediately. And it is one of the most cost-effective and quickest changes you can make as well.

Spring often inspires us to bring some fresh new items inside. And since we spend so much time in our four walls right now, I thought this would be a nice article for you this week. So why not opting for a little interior project?

Below are my favourite picks that your kids will enjoy on their walls for years. Please find some very artsy, some colourful prints, or delicate illustrations in my selection. As usual: Something for everyone. And some prints are not for the kids’ rooms only.

Let’s discover the coolest art prints for the children’s room:




The ABC board*, with its pretty illustrations, allows children to discover and learn the different forms of writing: cursive, script, upper or lower case. And to have a lovely art poster in their room.



bisou poster

Mathilde Cabanas

Poster BISOU. Minimal, cute, perfect for anywhere in your home… and so… oh lala … French!




Fine Little Day

Say hello to Piggelin! A green beauty with friendly eyes and always a smile on its face. The Piggelin poster becomes a colorful detail on the wall and suits as well in the children´s room as in the living room or kitchen.


numbers print pastel


This numbers print* has some jolly animals, fun rainbows, or yummy fruits to help you count up to ten.


zoo poster


This Zoo print is made by Bodil Jane for OHMYHOME.
All of her illustrations are created by hand, using mostly ink and watercolors. For OHMYHOME Bodil made a little collection of three colorful designs.



vehicles print kidsvehicles print kids



By Gretas Schwester. Something not girly but, of course, for both girls and boys!



studio ghibli illustration print

Studio Ghibli

Yes! Who does not love the Studio Ghibli movies? This illustration* has all our favourite characters on one print!





Roar! Cool and cute print* that brings the wildlife into your room….


I hope you enjoyed my selection and that it will inspire you to bring ‘something new’ into your home that everyone will love…


Would you like more decorating ideas? How about these essential nursery decorating tips or some very precisous boho items for the kids room?



*affiliate links


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We want to move into this amazing playroom!

playroom ideas

We are heading all the way down to Australia for some delightful children’s rooms today. Bright, fresh, and perfectly designed for little people to hang out, be creative, and to enjoy sweet dreams.

You will discover one spectacular playroom that is so inviting and fun – I want to move in.

By the way, are you ready for Easter or has it vanished from your ‘list’ with everything else going on? We will definitely do an Easter Egg Hunt in our little garden and the kids are already so excited. And after that we will enjoy a brunch. Normally we do invite friends over but this year we have to skip that tradition. Positive note: More food for us. Ha!

But lets come back to this week’s interior gem and all the amazing playroom ideas to take away from here:


playroom ideas playroom ideas playroom ideas playroom ideas playroom ideas

And? Amazing right?

And do you remember the elephant chairs and the fun wallpaper?


boys nursery. boys nursery. boys nursery. boys nursery. boys nursery.

I think it is fair to assume that a little boy is sleeping in this pretty nursery. And yes, it is a very ‘clear gender’ attribution however with the size of the room, lovely light, and white furniture I am still enjoying it very much!

More fun kids spaces from Australia? How about these whimsical kids rooms?


Via Chango & Co
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