Blush children’s rooms in this scenic Stockholm apartment

Blush children's room

Welcome to another episode of Interior Tuesday and today we will do some island hopping. City island! If you have ever been to Stockholm, I am sure you remember the amazing archipelago and today’s apartment has stunning views over said archipelago.

This beautiful family apartment is located in one of the older houses on popular Kvarnholmen, an island east of Stockholm, Sweden. Kvarnholmen used to be completely separate, but a permanent land-bridge now connects it to the rest of the city. Here you live on the border between the city and the archipelago and you never have more than a few hundred meters to the water, and many green areas. And next to the magnificent views of Stockholm’s beautiful archipelago, you will discover two very lovely children’s room, decorated with love and lots of blush tones.

Furthermore, the apartment comes with so many unique and well-preserved details, and a spacious living room with fireplace. Let’s have a look:

Blush children's rooms
This looks like a very cute haven for a little girl, doesn’t it? Really loving the fairy lights in the canopy and the little kitchen from Maileg.


Blush children's rooms

Blush children's rooms

Blush children's rooms

Of course, the boy’s room is equally inviting and full of little details and accessories to make it a warm and welcoming place!


scandinavian living room
The apartment is situated on the sixth floor and with the open air plan it is so airy – practical, I think, when you have a family.

And (!!!) on the eleventh floor you can find a shared roof terrace, with outstanding views, as well as a connecting common room with kitchen and toilet, sauna and a relaxation area. Wow!

Another cool thing, from here you can actually hop on one of the shuttle boats and they will take you straight to Nybrokajen. The city center of Stockholm in a quarter of an hour.

Altogether – the total Stockholm experience!

Via Historiska Hem
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The most endearing baby bonnets!

hand made baby bonnets embroidered

Good Morning and hello new week. I have some very cute handmade baby bonnets to share with you here today. And they are especially handy because Autumn is here. It is not just an ‘around the corner’ anymore, it is falling leaves, rain, wind, and very chilly mornings.

I am quite excited actually because last year we were in the middle of moving from Sweden to London and just did not enjoy much of this colourful season. On that note, can you imagine, it is nearly 12 months already since we landed in our new location?

Furthermore, Amber embroiders her bonnets* with beautiful designs in some lovely earthy colours. Very autumn, and very beautiful!

Have a look at the images and see the amazing quality and craftsmanship of these bonnets. These handmade pieces are special and so stunning:


hand made baby bonnets embroidered

hand made baby bonnets embroidered

hand made baby bonnets embroidered

A little autumn rainbow* and this leafy season will be even more fun.


hand made baby bonnets embroidered

hand made baby bonnets embroidered

hand made baby bonnets embroidered

This floral version* is stunning too. Combined with the raw linen and other natural fabrics, these adorable embroideries really pop out. One could wish they would be cool to wear once you are over 36 months…

Love baby stuff – how about linen baby clothes?


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32 fun things for your October!

32 fun things for your October!


Yes, some weeks need Friday to come a bit more quick than others. And this week definitely needed to go by quickly.

And since I love to compile these Friday lists as much as you love to read them – Friday comes with bells and whistles. 32 fantastic, fun, new, and awesome things for you and your family.

Please enjoy them:


alimrose dolls
Perfect first doll!

Loving this pink whale*.

dolls-house with light and accessories
Christmas present sorted: The perfect dolls house* that comes with furniture and dolls (most don’t and you spend a fortune kitting it out!) AS WELL AS – light and a door bell. Yes, this miniature house is a dream.

Childless cities?


kids room tent diy
So much kids room inspo!

Do you have a big career goal?


esska shoes kids
Such cute Mary Janes shoes.

Just in case you missed it – You Tube Kids is out!


twirl dress
Perfect autumn twirl dress*.

Sneaker Boom!


bear backpack
Cutest backpacks* galore!

Do you like rainbows?


london family home kitchen
So many things I love about this family home – especially the kitchen! House goals!

The cutest things for baby.


And you should totally peek into Natalie Papier’s home – nobody can match vintage, colour, design, and cool like this lady!

Food styling tips & tricks.


Half time – 16 more… all gorgeous:

lets go to italy book

acrobat family book
Two new books in our home:
My kids love Italy and remind us regularly to visit soon again, so the Let’s go to Italy! book is a hit here.

The pop up Acrobat Family is gorgeous and so full of surprises and details!


reebok maternity line
The new maternity range from Reebok has been designed to adapt to your growing body, so you can keep working out throughout your pregnancy.

Talking about it… The ideal woman!


kids konoc
Beautiful leather accessories for small & big.

Nudie Rudie! Will definitely make you smile every time you walk into your bathroom…


embroidered family portrait
Christmas gift alert!!! Beautiful Family hoop art*. Your family captured in a unique, whimsical embroidery in an illustrative style. Such a lovely and personal gift. It would please everyone…

Wow, what a house. Every corner is special.


franklin emily kids furniture
Design furniture for children from Franklin+Emily. Sleek, stylish, and fun!

Such beautiful blankets.


little goodall rainbow butterfly coat
It’s been a while that I checked into this shop, and wow, what a gorgeous and fun coat*.

Do you remember these Wish Pixies ?


wooden toys stars moon balance
Cute wooden balance toy* with stars, rainbows, clouds, and more…

More gorgeous wooden toys.


Off we go into another weekend! Have a super one…


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Books are press samples.
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Softheads – decorative wall sculptures for your home

.Softheads - decorative wall sculptures

When we were in Nantes this August I discovered these cool decorative wall sculptures in a shop and quickly scribbled down the name.

Back at home I had a look online and discovered the whole universe of Softheads. Because these original objects are so fun! And they are all hand-made and locally produced in Barcelona, Spain.

The idea is to create objects that put a pacifistic and humorous spin on the once fashionable practice of displaying hunting trophies. These pieces will decorate any space and giving it an original and elegant touch. In addition to the new seasonal collections and models, Softheads offers custom-built projects and interesting collaborations with other brands, designers and artists.


Softheads - decorative wall sculptures
The artist Sergio Roger is the founder and creative director of Softheads.

He lived in Berlin for several years and graduated in Fine Arts at the UdK and his works are exhibited and shown internationally. In 2011 he launched Softheads, because he wanted to bring art closer to a wider audience.


Softheads - decorative wall sculptures

Softheads - decorative wall sculptures
Cristina Olivé joined soon after the launch. And together they make a lot of interiors and homes a tiny lot bit more fun!

I think these sculptures makes great gifts, not only for animal lovers…

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A colourful dream family home in Australia

A colourful dream family home in Australia
Bonjour, how are you? I am working on a bigger ‘thing’ that I am hoping to launch by the end of this year. And that is why I sometimes take a day off from blogging. Like yesterday. First I wanted to start writing but could not decide about what…

So I turned to my project and decided to use the ‘article writing time’ there instead. I know it all sounds a bit ‘maaaahhh’, but trust me – it will be fun, useful, and awesometastic. (my latest favourite word that I just use all the time, especially with the kids… and if not that, it is fantastico… don’t ask!)

But today we will not skip Interior Tuesday. And we will not visit Scandinavia but travel all around the world. To Australia, the Bellarine Peninsula, off Australia’s Victorian Coast to be very precise.

Hayley Pannekoecke and husband James built and designed the home of their dreams here. Hayley is the co-founder of Kip&Co  and, of course, it is as colourful as you would imagine. The couple is sharing this enchanting home with their children Chloe, Faye, and Floyd.

Let’s have a closer look and discover some unexpected colour pairings, one crazy attic loft, an outdoor pool, and beautiful oak parquetry floors:


A colourful dream family home in Australia

A colourful dream family home in Australia

A colourful dream family home in Australia

A colourful dream family home in Australia
Loving this big family kitchen and I would love to cook in here. That giant skylight is such a great idea…

And there is more: A cool velvet sofa, lots of concrete, teal walls, and fun kids paintings that make the perfect decoration!


A colourful dream family home in Australia

A colourful dream family home in Australia

A colourful dream family home in Australia
And then there is this pink room! Fresh, with an en-suite, and some cool accessories!


A colourful dream family home in Australia

A colourful dream family home in Australia
The bunk bed room. I guess that when you have a lot of space you just build a huge bunk bed that serves sleepovers and slumber parties. Or family visits and the possibility to change beds every other night…


A colourful dream family home in Australia

A colourful dream family home in Australia

A colourful dream family home in Australia
And then this. The white loft. It is somehow funny and definitely unexpected. All the way up in the attic – a blank space.

In the mood for more Australia? How about these 5 rooms or 2 contemporary kids rooms?

Via Domino
Photos: Nikole Ramsay
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