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How I grew in 2020 with Chloe Bowers

chloe bowers

Every now and then I am missing the blog series that I used to do. Interviews with inspiring people, breakfasts from around the world or sharing favourite children’s books from people in the kids industry.

And then I generally miss the sharing and supporting part of what blogging used to be in the very beginning. Therefore I decided to invite some lovely women to share their 2020 story.

Since it has been a very different year to what everyone had in mind, it changed and challenged us. And especially when running our own company. What were the main pain points and what did we learn over the last months…

My first guest is the delightful Chloe who runs her own PR agency and lives very close to me here in West London. Her clients include the gorgeous Little Cotton Clothes amongst others.

Lets see how 2020 went for Chloe so far, her learnings and wishes for the next year:

P&P:How did 2020 start for you? And what were your original business plans for this year?
Chloe: 2020 started with alot of excitement, I was looking forward to focusing more on my business and being able to take on some new clients. With my youngest daughter due to start full time at school in March, I was excited to have more time and freedom. Then lockdown happened, no school, no nursery – hello homeschooling!

And is your business model resilient enough to recover from the impact of a crisis and manage potential crises in the future? Meaning, have you been able to lay the groundwork for recovery or are you still ‘just’ reacting?
Being a consultant I can be flexible with the business. So thankfully I was able to continue as normal work wise but having to think a bit more outside of the box.

I am sure the pandemic is a big learning curve for all of us. What was the biggest take away for you as a business owner so far?
The brands that I represent have a really strong online presence so it was even more important for me to really shout about it during this year. They have great collections and incredibly strong imagery which was key during this time. With editors and stylists not being able to shoot any of their own stories during the long lockdown so many press were relying on brand imagery. This is something I would now always recommend to brands – that you can never have enough strong images.

What do you do to stay optimistic?
Plan things to look forward to within a short time-frame so it’s never far out of reach. Try to see things through the eyes of my children.

And what is the hardest part of this pandemic for you?
Losing the ‘normal’ of everyday life.

What kind of business opportunities happened over the last months?
I have continued to secure some really great coverage for the brands that I represent.
It’s been trickier to build new business relationships this year. Because I am not able to go out and meet people, but it’s been a good time to look forward, research and make plans for the future.

Has your relation with your local community changed since March?
I value all the independent stores, cafes and restaurants more than ever.

What is the feedback from your clients/ customers?
This year has been so different for everyone but the common thread is businesses and brands have had to react quickly. And work in new ways which perhaps they didn’t think were possible before.

Last question: What is the first thing that comes into your mind when I say ‘2021’?
Hope and excitement.
I want to celebrate so many missed birthdays and special occasions with family and friends, hug each other and have a good dance.

Thank you very much Chloe. Wishing you a dashing 2021!


Image: Chloe Bowers private
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30 incredible things for your November!

paul paula blog november 2020

Yes! 30 incredible things I have for you. Things that have been waiting for you and that I am so happy to finally share.

This week I realised that the upcoming months may be not as easy and nonchalant as I hoped and wished they would be. Little Josephine will be home for an extra week because of a positive Covid case. And that really was the eye opener how quick things can change.

How quick we are housebound and have to change plans. And even so these plans were nothing spectacular seeing the circumstances, they still were something we were all looking forward to.

Now, lets keep the chin up and hope for the best and make the best out of every day. And pssst, I already included some gift ideas for the upcoming festive season. Enjoy!

With a little help, well 30 little helpers, right here:


Creative Colorful Family Apartment Copenhagen

Creative Colorful Family Apartment Copenhagen
Creative and colourful family apartment in Copenhagen. Such a fun kids room.


What is an algorithm? Mashable


hand painted candles
The most gorgeous candles! Hand painted!


Just the best beanies* for this winter.


embroidered flowers name hoops

kids room wall tapestry

lion head kids room decor

kids room wall tapestry
Gift ideas: I should have given a full article to Katharina’s designs*. But I only realised that when I put together this list. And then I just really wanted to share this with you. Wall tapestry, beautiful name hoops embroidered with dried flowers or a sweet lion. Love it all!


A very real Kate Winslet. Great interview!


the problem with pierre

the pocket chaotic
The problem with Pierre
A fussy cat ruffles the feathers of two neighbours who couldn’t be more different…

The pocket chaotic
Alexander’s mum keeps putting stuff in her pocket… and it’s driving him CRAZY!


Oh yes, I watched Selling Sunset. First for the properties… and then for the very light entertainment.


modern barcelona apartment
Dream house in Barcelona! Look at those windows and floors – extraordinary.


Lego X Adidas


interior fairy lights
Short days. dark days, gloomy days – add some sparkle to your home and give yourself a little boost. Cosy and inviting and such a great selection of lights* for all corners of your house.


Another proof that avocado is the best!


schneid studio
Schneid Studio!


21 daily podcasts for your morning routine.


dollhouse suitcase
Gift idea: Dollhouse suitcases*. To carry around and bring wherever you go!


Are you, or your kids, eating vitamin gummies?


aga kitchen
An amazing Victorian house in Kent with a Scandinavian touch and so many great details and elements.


Let the kids be in charge!


artipoppe baby carrier
Artipoppe is not just a baby carrier — it’s a lifestyle that unites women, inspiring them to trust their instincts and embrace imperfections.


I am a fan of rosehip oil. And you?
Find out what it does to your skin.


For your own wishlist: These crochet pendant lamp shades* will give every room a special feel!


Wedding dress* envy!


stars moon mobile
Stars & Moon mobile*!


Gift idea for your best friend: Hand-crafted wooden home wares and jewelry*.


personalised christmas stocking
And to finish, I am going A L L Christmas! Personalised Christmas stockings*.


This little owl woodland print* is the cutest. And so perfect for this season!


Have a great weekend, enjoy a quiet Halloween, and stay healthy!

*affiliate links
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26 sizzling things for your August!

paul paula blog

I have been a bad blogger over the last months but I guess you all know why. To make it up a tiny bit I managed to gather a Friday List so we can all start August in style.

And wherever you are, whatever you do… I really hope that you are OK and that things are more calm and manageable.

We are staying in this cute little cottage in Kent at the moment. And I can tell you, it is sooooo nice to be out of the city and see something else for a bit. I will share more about our stay and cottage very soon!

Here are your 26 sizzling things for a sunny month of August:


macrame weaving loom diy kit
Great range of DIY Knitting, Crochet, Weaving and Macrame kits*.

If you are looking for something special for your home.


sozo diy kits
More DIY: From funky cushion cases to embroidered wall art, let your creativity take hold with these kits from Sozo DIY*.

Great interview with Simone Biles in Vogue. To add you should also watch the Netflix Documentary about the US Gymnastics Team system.


natural body soap
French inspired natural skincare. Which looks very glam and chic too. Just like the French… (And they make great gifts!)

Also DIY, but outdoors: Eco-friendly container gardening kits*!


yellow maxi dress cotton
For me please! Fantastic yellow maxi dress* that will always put a smile on your face whilst wearing it. (you should check this shop out in general by the way…)

On my recipe list: Raw Nutella Bars.


hand embroidery pattern
I am on a roll today, more DIY kits: These hand embroidery hoop patterns* are so gorgeous!

This print just screams summer.


What a house!

One of my favourite decor brands.


white peach summer drink
Adult drink with white peaches. I actually got a blender to crush ice (Ours broke just before our last move) recently and collect yummy summer drink recipes…

Remember:  Colouring Pages to print out during rainy days!


child bonnet
Handmade baby and child bonnets*.

I made a very simple and yet delicious focaccia a few weeks back. Nothing compared to the very arty ones going through the net…


An old-fashioned favourite for little ones to easily transport their toy collections from room to room with this pull-along wagon cart*.

Hmmmmm…. roasted berry sorbet!


Toy Beauty_makeup-bag-pretend-play
My youngest is really into makeup and hair. She basically begs me to put on lipstick (my already very minimalist approach to make up is literally nonexistent since Corona started) and to do my hair. It is her birthday in September and I think that I will get this Toy Make Up Bag*. No need to worry about make up on furniture or skin problems…

Another adult drink, with grapefruit. Something I re-discovered over the last weeks as well.


mini me clothing design
Very cool and minimal clothes for the whole family – dada, mama & mini!

Something pretty for us mums!


woven throw blanket etsy
Time to get yourself a great gift that will make the extra time we spend in our homes even more worthwhile. In love with these throw blankets*….

More for the home: These rugs* are amazing, affordable and super fun!


stay close to people who make you feel like sunshine
Just wanted to give this to you!

Last one: If you are looking for a very special dress* for your child. Look no further!


Have a great month of August everyone. Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!



* affiliate links
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21 delightful things for your December!

21 delightful things for your December!

This could be a great opportunity to share Black Friday deals. But I won’t. Ha! And I guess that I do not need to do a whole speech on why not because in the end… either you go get those (questionable) discounts or you don’t.

I am still here to share some of my favourite things I came across over the last weeks. And that I believe you will enjoy too. And in the end you may be treated with a lovely deal, because it is Black Friday after all.

However, and most importantly, I want you to have a smooth start into the last month of the year. A slow weekend to enjoy with some good articles, inspiring interiors, and delightful things for small and big.

Enjoy my December edit, a little bit festive, but not too much:


love letter blanket
OMG! The best! A Love Letter Blanket*. Write your own custom letter to a loved one so they can wrap themselves up in love. Make it extra personal by using your own handwriting, or keep it simple by using a font! The blanket will be custom made for you. Such a sweet present!
And have a look, the other blankets* are pretty ace too.


Really cute Christmas DIY ideas. Already saved to my Pinterest.


macrame plant hanger
Cool plant hanger*!


Lots of gorgeous jewelry*.


girls linen dress
Adorable dresses for girls* and matching hair bows!


Pimp your Christmas outfit with these cool earrings*.


vintage children room
Great vintage children’s room. Via Entrance.


Since I watched ‘A Star is Born’ – I am a Lady Gaga fan. Before I never really cared and thus did not know much about her. But her story should be shared. Because there is a lot of inspiration that can help others. This interview with Oprah is good!


gestalten_book_garbage dog
New book: Tells the tale of Garbage Dog surviving the streets of a big city and discovering the true meaning of family and friendship.


Do you know the co-op on Park Slope?


watercolour abc print
I could buy everything from this shop*, and actually have this print* in my kitchen. Perfect for my coffee loving husband and the tea lover – me.


Very interesting article about food in Berlin with facts, background, and history!


boy girl christmas baubles
Awwww… so cute these hand painted boy and girl star baubles*.


Great gifts for grown ups!


From our old home town, Malmo. The stunning place of Nina Persson! (The singer from The Cardigans!)


Book bin DIY. (to fill your holidays with projects!)


christmas pattern rolling pin cookies
Cookie Season made so much more fun with these great rolling pins*. Many cute designs to choose from…


Is blogging dead? 9 different opinions.


The children, the message (even more important these hectic social media filled days), and just everything!


Healthy chocolate and play advent calendar.



london calendar
London illustrated. Especially loving the calendar!


This Sunday Antoine does not have a football match so I am planning a visit to Daunts in Marylebone (you gotta love a great bookshop) and see the festive decorations. And then we will light the Christmas Lights in our little corner of London. A lot of neighbourhoods organise their own events to kick off the festive season. And this Sunday it is our turn. Street food, choirs, dancing, friends, and of course the lights that will be switched on…

Enjoy your first of Advent weekend and see you back here on Monday!



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26 happy things for your November!

paul paula blog

Did you do Halloween yesterday? We did and the kids nearly exploded of pure excitement beforehand… and we are not even really done yet. Tonight is Halloween Disco at school!

And then I quickly realised last weekend that the Christmas craze started. School fair, gift guides, advent calendars that need to be filled (on Monday I will share my 2019 calendar edit – mark your agenda!) and everything else that comes with the festive season. These last 2 months will just fly by… I feel it already.

So, let’s make the most out of it and start with the November round up of my favourite reads, finds, interiors, and other inspiring stuff:


Bloomingville Mini

Bloomingville Mini

Bloomingville Mini
Scandinavian home accessories. Great new collection* from one of my favourite brands and they do lots of lovely Christmas accessories too!

Cute hoops* for the nursery – embroidered lion or lioness?


bookhou flora blanket
OMG! This blanket*. I love blankets and to cuddle up on my sofa with them…

Are you looking for a really great gift? I recommend this Etsy shop*. For children, adults, best friends, teachers… anyone that deserves a great gift!


knitted doll blanket
A big awww, for that little rainbow blanket* for your child’s favourite doll! … and there are some adorable doll clothes, more blankets as well as the sweetest knitted doll bonnets too.

Beautiful hoop earrings* with my favourite stone – turquoise!


scandinavian kitchen
This house has so many quirky details – I love it!

Perfect tableware for your Christmas diner*!


ferm living apple basket
Cool apple storage basket* in two sizes. Such an eye catcher!

Rainbows are here to stay. Boho chic decor!


scandinavian living room cabinet
Another cool home!

A look at four family budgets. Interesting article!


you are loved doormat
How about a really cool doormat*? It is the first thing you as well as others see when entering your beloved home!

Do you want to know more about skincare? Or better – everything? This is your article!


Absolutely beautiful wool felt mobile* in various colour schemes.

The psychological price of entrepreneurship. I am sure you can relate if you are part of the ship!


arty home london
Arty Party? I definitely want to join and get a house tour

Do you still see your friends?


personalised wooden toys
What a great gift idea – personalised wooden toys*! Choose between cars, trains, unicorns, dinos, dogs, and more…

New baby essentials.


adventure play rug
Adventure play rug*! So fun, useful, and sweet.

Why Pinterest’s algorithm is so very successful.


bunny ears bonnet
Hop like a bunny with these cute bonnets*!

Will Amazon take over everything? (I was just reading a book about it as well and it is really a bit scary… will share my fave business books soon with you!)


SCandinavian home
I guess this apartment is all about that window!

‘And then I had to get induced and get a C-section, which was not what I wanted. But you can’t plan it. It was a great exercise in improvising and adjusting and becoming more adaptable.’
Read more from Ali Wong in this great interview.


Have a fantastic weekend everyone. Lots of love, some sunshine, tea, and colourful leaves! Thank you for being here, Peggy


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paul paula blog

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