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Best books for kids – by Michelle Marshall

best kids books

Michelle is from France but lives in London and has 2 daughters, Sissi {7} and Lola {9}. She is a very talented photographer and just a very nice person you want to hang out with like every day.

Here are the books, a mix of practical and fantasy read, along with a couple of activity books:

1. Let’s Make Some Great Art, Marion Deuchar

Interactive coloring and activity book and the girls love to complete the pages and follow the step-by-step instructions for how to draw a bird and how to give it an expression, as well a foolproof method for drawing a bicycle.

2. Les Trois Brigands, Tomi Ungerer

Three robbers prowl the country and store their loot in a mountain cave. One night they stop a carriage and find an orphan, Tiffany, on her way to live with her wicked aunt. Tiffany is delighted to meet the robbers, but appalled at their ill-gotten wealth. What she does to change their ways will … such a great story!

3. The Scribble Book, Hervé Tullet

Encouraged by Herve to pick up a crayon and scribble alongside him, the kids find their own creativity. They will feed scribbles to a hungry monster, scribble water to put out a fire, scribble flames coming out of a volcano, spaghetti for lunch and ski-tracks in the snow. Very enchanting.

4. Harry Potter The Complete Collection, J.K. Rowling
A classic!

5. Monsieur et Madame Anatomie, Godeleine de Rosamel, Françoise de Guibert

This picture book offers a good presentation of the human body, simplifiedshowing its composition and functions.
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Best books for kids – by Marie Brandelet

best kids books
Marie lives in Tokyo, Japan but is originally from France/ Switzerland. She has 2 kids, a boy and a girl and must be one of the sweetest person
I know. We met at Playtime {many people I met there… good socializing event} and I had a really lovely time with her. Marie owns a beautiful hand made universe called Etincelle Creative Studio.

Here are the 5 books of this very multicultural family:

1. La Princesse qui n’avait pas de royaume by Ursula Jones, illustration by Sarah Gibb

My daughter received this book from her Godmother on her birthday two years ago. I was blown away by the quality of the illustration and I never miss a chance to point it out whenever we read this book. All the details! I believe my daughter loves it much more than my son actually does…

2. Harry and Horsie by Katie Van Camp, illustration by Lincoln Agnew

I happen to meet the author who is currently based in Tokyo. Love at first sight, I bought the two books on the spot and offered them to the kids for Christmas two years ago. Again blown away by the quality of the illustration, and the story which is easy to read and understand by even a 3 year old. Both books are actually our favorites!

3. Le géant de Zeralda by Tomi Ungerer

This one is a childhood favorite of mine. I found it at Bonton two years ago, it made me so happy, really! My kids love it, I think the character of the “ogre” fascinates them – he’s kind of scary, just look at the cover! Happy ending so everything is fine.

4. Stick Man by Julia Donaldson, illustration by Axel Sheffler

My son received it at the school Christmas celebration last year. It was our second book by Jukia Donaldson after the Gruffalo and it quickly became a big favorite. The story and again the rich illustration makes it a very enjoyable read with children of all ages.

5. Boucles d’Or et les trois ours by Gerda Muller ( I grew up with this edition by Rose Celli which I am very attached to as well)

Again a favorite of my childhood. They received this one from their French Mamie (grand-mother), and my son would ask me to read it several days in a row until I beg him to chose another book. I make a point to read it exactly the way I remember my father reading it to me, with extra details and the right tone of voice. The illustrations are adorable, I am sure to keep it for my grand children :-)
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Best books for kids – By Dimitra Zavakou

best kids books
Dimitra is originally from Greece but living in Berlin and this Thursday I will work with her again and welcome you all to a pop up in Berlin with just the best stuff from, yes, Berlin.
Dimitra has 2 boys and here are their 5 favourite books:

1. When i was born // Isabel Minhós Martins·Madalena Matoso

This book is so sweet! It reminds us how little kids know nothing when they are born and how we shall remain patient and loving to them to explore the world.

2. The game of mix-up art // Hervé Tullet

This is my absolute favorite as pages turn and mix and match! beautiful colours, great idea, very creative!

3. Barbapapas als Handwerker // Annette Tison & Talus Taylor

My kids love this book!!
Especially because it shows how a family stays connected to solve problems and in a way always enjoys the process too.

4. The little Prince – Greek edition // Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

No need for an introduction here..the little prince is a must for all ages!

5. The Earth Book // Todd Parr

The earth book has helped us a lot, in relation to understanding how our actions affect earth! educative and fun!
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Best books for kids – by Julia Rein

best kids books
Julia lives in Germany and is a mother of 3 {12,10 and 4}. She launched superjuju and has a wonderful energy and super friendly vibe!

The families favourite books are:

1. Kubbes Museum by Ashild Kanstad Johnsen

Kubbe collects all kind of things, but what if it all becomes too much? From Norway, with beautiful drawings comes this favorite book of my 4year old son.

2. Jim Curious by Matthias Picard

This book is a fantastic journey in 3D. Take your 3D glasses ( 2 are included ) and have a nice time…it is a story without words and it is not important if you get the English or the German version

3. Jane, der Fuchs und Ich by Isabelle Arsenault and Fanny Britt

This is a graphic novel for teens and tells the story of 13 year old Helene. This visually stunning graphic novel shows the brutality of which children are capable, but also makes sure that redemption can be found through connecting with others, whether the other is a friend, a person from a book or a fox. Available in English, French or German.

4.Bei der Feuerwehr wird der Kaffee kalt by Hannes Hüttner and Gerhard Lahr

This is a very old book from the GDR, a real classic. Get to know Löschmeister Wasserhose and see what happens till they can have their coffee.

5. Das mutige Buch by Moni Port

a book about different kinds of fear and what you can do about it. This book makes you talk about fear and it works for all ages from 3 to I don’t know. And it’s funny as well. I hope it will be translated into other languages soon.
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Best books for kids – by Sandra Sakr

best kids books
Sandra lives in Amsterdam and I had the pleasure to meet her a couple of times back when we still lived there. She runs sweet boutique polpettine and has 2 daughters.

Lets see their 5 books:

1. ABC 3d, by Marion Bataille

This pop-up book is an extraordinary work of art. Letters of the alphabet are cleverly constructed in 3D, and seem to come to life as you turn the pages. The alphabet has never looked so good!

2. Follow the Line Through the House, by Laura Ljungkvist

Follow the line through the rooms of a house to uncover all sorts of objects and hidden surprises. So much to explore and discover, inside cupboards and various rooms. I just love the retro-style illustrations; my girls constantly come up with games to play within the pages of this engaging book.

3. An Awesome Book of Thanks, by Dallas Clayton

This book is a wonderful reminder to be thankful for all that we have and be appreciative and enjoy the simple things in life. A feel-good book with an important message.

4. Kiki & Coco in Paris, by Nina Gruener (Author), Stephanie Rausser (Photographer), Jess Brown (Contributor)

A delightful story of a girl and her doll, and their whimsical adventures on a trip to Paris. Illustrated with the most stunning photography, this is a book that my girls and I simply adore!!

5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl’s children’s classic; my very favorite childhood book. The adventures of five children that are lucky enough to visit an amazing chocolate factory, and all the whacky, imaginative happenings that take place within it’s magical walls. A must read.
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