Christmas 2019: The best personalised gifts for the whole family!

The best personalised Christmas gifts for the whole family!

Good Morning!
We are starting the week with a blue sky and it is just what I need. Because one child is home with a very sore throat and I feel a little under the weather too. So bring on the sunshine and we will be back on our feet in no time.

And we are also starting this week with Christmas things. Or better: The very first gift guide of the season.
Normally I am not that early but this one has a very good reason. It is all about personalised items and to make sure that these arrive on time, I am sharing some ideas early.

Personalised gifts are so ON at the moment. And it is very clear why – everyone loves a nice gift, and by adding a personal message, a memory, or make it their own with a name or special date, it just adds so much value and love to it.

I put a lot of time to find some lovely personalised Christmas gifts for you and I hope you enjoy my selection. And there is something for the whole family:


personalised christmas baubles

Personalised Zodiac Keepsake Christmas Bauble

A beautiful hand-painted ceramic bauble*, personalised with the name of your choice on one side and their zodiac constellation on the other. A lovely family Christmas heirloom gift! Also perfect for a baby’s first Christmas bauble!
Extra: There is a cool black dots bauble* with gold lettering as well. Have a look!


Personalised Santa Sack

Personalised Santa Sack

Make your Christmas Eve tradition personal with a custom Christmas bag* ready to be filled with treats for your little one (or Christmas morning as a stocking alternative!)
The bag is the perfect fit for a few little gifts for the kids and can be used year after year. Loving the minimal design and simple aesthetic.


personalised toddler purse

Personalised toddler purse

A handmade small leather bag* for the mini fashionista in your life. This leather bag is the perfect gift for the special little girl in your life. And you can add her name for an extra personal touch.


personalised baby teether

Teething toys with your child’s name

The perfect baby gift – these cute teething toys* are made from BPA free silicone beads, natural unfinished wood, and lots of love. And they will definitely be the keepsake of baby’s first year!


stamp your own cookie kit personalised cookie stamper

Stamp your own cookie kit

This cookie decorating kit* allows you to stamp any message into a biscuit, cookie or icing, and can be used over and over again. It is perfect for all sorts of occasions, from birthdays to Mother’s day, Christmas, Easter, baby showers to weddings. And therefore either the perfect gift for bakers and/or people who love to bake. Or to prepare personal and edible gifts!


personalised wooden christmas box

Personalised Christmas Box

This bespoke and sophisticated Christmas Eve Box*, is made from natural pine wood and fully customisable!
Individually designed, this box will create a lasting Christmas Eve tradition year after year.
Your personalisation will be engraved onto the top of the box. On top, you can also add a personal message that will be engraved to the bottom of the box or inside of the lid.
This really pushes a sustainable Christmas too!


colourful keychain personalised

Colourful name keyring

Absolutely lovely engraved and hand-painted name keychains*. Perfect stocking filler or teacher gift. You can select the tassel colour as well.


Personalized Christmas Ornament Name

Personalised Christmas bauble

These custom snow globe tree baubles* are so perfect to gift to the people you love. Hand-crafted to fit your custom wording! And you will get a glass ornament with a sisal tree, white snow confetti, hanging twine, and a bow. Gift boxes are available if you would like to send this directly to the lucky receiver.


Custom Cross Stitch Family Portrait

Custom Cross Stitch Family Portrait

These beautiful hand stitched pieces* make wonderful gifts for Christmas as well as basically any other occasion.
You can capture your family in these beautiful hand stitched hoops, even add the pets. And then you either gift it to your beloved husband or wife or your parents / grandparents. Instead of a framed photo!


custom wooden seed box

Garden Seed Box

These floral garden seed boxes* are the perfect gift for any passionate gardener!
These are hand-crafted, and each box displays a name of your choice within a seasonal floral design. Each seed box contains four wooden dividers ‘Veg’, ‘Herbs’, ‘Flowers’ and one left blank for you to personalise yourself at home.


Personalised Leather tidy tray

Personalised Leather tidy tray

Cool tidy tray* made from vegetable tanned leather. And this is such a versatile product – the perfect accessory for the contents of your pockets, everyday jewellery, office accessories or keys.
You can personalise it with initials, a name or a date and make it unique to you.


custom Wooden letter nursery decor

Wooden letter with felt balls

This Alphabet letter* will make a stunning addition to the nursery, playroom or any room in the house! You can choose the letter and the felt ball colours. And then you can either hand it on the wall or put it on a shelf.

I hope you got inspired by these personalised christmas gifts! Ho Ho Ho!


And pssst, it is not too late to get this year’s Advent Calendars in the house before December 1!


*affiliate links
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They did it again – calling all urban ballerinas!

nununu x tutu
Before I am sending you into you well deserved weekend I want to show you something.
You remember my favourite collaboration from last year? The romantic and the cool?

They did it again!

Israel based alternative label nununu and the Australian Tutu du Monde become one for this festive season again.

And the result – some very cool romantic rock star outfits that can be worn long after Santa fell down the chimney. Calling all the urban ballerinas and their friends:


nununu x tutu

nununu x tutu

nununu x tutu

nununu x tutu

The collection is available here.


And now… happy Friday and see you back on Monday!

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Pump-up your child’s love for reading with this fantastic book subscription

Book subscription for children

You know that I have a very soft spot for books and reading in general. And so do all my children. My eldest is the biggest bookworm and probably transferred some vibes to her brother who also enjoys reading. Leonor, now 7, was so eager to start reading that she literally raced through the stages and is reading chapter books already.

For myself – I love to read and actually do not take my phone with me when I go to bed but read. And in some cases, this keeps me awake longer than a phone because once I love a book it is really hard to put it down.

Long story short – there are a lot of books in our house, for big and small, and I never left any behind throughout our moves. I just cannot! Book stores have a magnet and we all enjoy spending some time in there (great rainy day afternoon activity…). Josephine is four and cannot read yet, but she sure adores books and loves to browse the covers.

And I will never say no to buying a book. mainly because I share the addiction but also because I believe it is a fantastic hobby that I want to entertain. Obviously, it is also much better than staring at a screen or playing online games.

So when publishers or writers contact me it is the same – I just cannot say no. And when Emily from Parrot Street contacted me about her children’s book subscription I was happy to try it out with the kids. And to share it with you, of course, too.

Let’s have a look at the mission of this fun children’s book subscription called Parrot Street:

The goal of our book subscription is to introduce you and your child to books, authors and genres you may never have discovered. There are so many books out there, beyond the classics and the bestsellers, that we think your children will love reading. And we are careful to choose titles that aren’t pitched at any specific gender.

Every book is hand-picked by Emily and her partner Sarah. And they create a bespoke activity pack to accompany it. Which I think is a genius idea. Children love to ‘make things’ and receiving a book in the mail is great but much more fun if there is something else with it.

The subscription is aimed at children between 5 and 11 years. When you sign up you can choose between the Parakeet or Cockatoo reading groups. Parakeets are younger readers (aged approximately 5-8) and Cockatoos are more confident readers (aged approximately 8-11).

We received one each including the fun activity packs:

Book subscription for children

Book subscription for children

Book subscription for children

The parcels fit through your letterbox and have your child’s name on it, kids love to receive mail. It is like a monthly little treat!

‘Inspire their love of reading with a monthly book subscription designed to help your child unlock the many benefits of reading. Children who read for pleasure do better at school. It helps to develop imagination, creativity, empathy, and confidence. Our subscriptions encourage the reading habit by making it fun.’

Everyone in each age bracket is sent the same book. Like a real book club! Emily and Sarah research new titles and speak to publishers to find great books that are not on every bestseller list. The priority is to select a wide range of books that are not aimed at girls or boys specifically. And that is well written, with great characters, and lots of themes to get us thinking. A brilliantly bookish gift for both keen and reluctant readers.


Book subscription for children

Book subscription for children

Book subscription for children

Book subscription for children

What are those activity packs you want to know?

Each activity pack comes with games, puzzles, instructions for craft projects and more, and is inspired by that month’s book.
Bonus: A small bonus gift accompanies one of the activities in the pack too!


Book subscription for children

Book subscription for children

Book subscription for children

Do you have a little bookworm at home that loves everything books? Or you want your child to discover the amazing world of books. I think this club is great for everyone. You could start with a 3 months subscription to try it out. They even give you the possibility to add another activity pack for siblings to enjoy the monthly mail together. And if you have children in different age groups you can easily add them to your account.

To sum up: I think it is a great idea. And I do love the fact of receiving a personal package with a great book every month plus an activity pack. It does engage reluctant readers more easily!

By the way, books make great gifts and you can gift a subscription or buy a gift voucher.

PS: Parrot Street donates to a charity for every pack sold!

All images by Paul & Paula


We received packs for the children in return for this post. No compensation. All words and opinion are my own!
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Stylish linen clothing and accessories for the whole family

linen clothing

A couple of years ago I bought a bedding set made of linen. Gradually, we added a couple more sets. And by today it is the only linen we put on our beds. It is so comfortable to sleep in and gets more soft with every wash. Pretty amazing!

One of my favourite shops to buy linen bedding is actually on Etsy and it is called MagicLinen*.  A pretty accurate name because linen is indeed magic. It looks great, it feels luxury, it gets even better every time you wash it, it is very durable, and the colours usually only look so cool because of the fabric.

The brand is based in Lithuania (which seems to be the linen capital) and run by a family. They specialise in bespoke linen home textiles as well as linen clothing.

‘MagicLinen grew out of our own passion for natural materials. Thus, we make our products from high-quality European linen fabric that is certified under the OEKO-TEX standard. We strive to be an ethical, sustainable, and transparent business that remains true to its values and appreciates customers as members of our own family.’

And there is more than just linen bedding:


linen clothing
linen clothing

Cute clothes for big and small that you can wear all year round…

Did you know that linen has magic powers? It is known to be the strongest natural fiber in the world. Therefore linen items are incredibly durable and can last for generations. They absorb and release moisture very fast, making it perfect for bedding, towels, and similar items.

On top, linen has a unique temperature regulating ability to keep you both cool and warm depending on the weather. That is why linen clothes* are so popular in the summer, and should not be overlooked in winter! One of the reasons I included a good amount of linen pieces in my autumn styles for mums article.


linen clothing

linen clothing
Pure linen on your bed makes for a very pretty bedroom, just look at these pictures!

Vita and her team take care of all products and give them the personal attention they deserve. She started the business the moment she realised how good her mother’s and even grandmother’s linens looked good as new after a long time in the family.

Today MagicLinen threads the needle between traditions and a more modern, contemporary design.

And one little extra note, the gray blue bedding set* looks stunning! I can vouch for it personally…

*affiliate links
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Architect-designed family apartment in Gothenburg

Architect-designed family apartment

Today’s family space was last owned by a reputable architect. And it is full of details, grand design, and clever use of space. You can find this city apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The floor plan is really interesting and I caught myself playing with some ideas on how to live in this apartment. But we left Sweden for a reason and instead of dreaming I better finish this Interior Tuesday.

It is very nice to see how the playroom just flows with the rest of the house. It is child friendly and sweet but still in the same aesthetics as the rest of the home.

Let’s have a little tour and see more:

Architect-designed family apartment

Architect-designed family apartment

Architect-designed family apartment
Two sweet children’s rooms full of nostalgia, charm, and vintage finds.


Architect-designed family apartment
Both rooms open up to a playroom that doubles as a desk area as well. Here, the children can do their homework, draw, or be creative. It is quite an interesting set up and I am sure a creative person can come up with more interesting ideas on how to set up this room. Or maybe take the middle wall out of it possible? Hmmm…


Architect-designed family apartment

Architect-designed family apartment
A star point goes to the kitchen. I just love the cosiness, that beautiful cabinet, the floor, as well as the plants and flowers. I can totally picture myself sitting there with a cinnamon bun and a lovely tea… will you join me?

More Gothenburg interiors? There is charming place or this very lush house!

Via Entrance
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