Magical wooden toys that combine science and art

wooden rainbow - sorting tray 2

Hello Monday! A new week and the first day after many weeks where I am sitting behind my desk again. Not in the kitchen and not trying to find a toy, giving out food, and answering 10 questions from little people at the same time.

Love it. The back to school craziness is a challenge itself with the over-excitement (and I do not only mean the kids, grown-ups on the school playground count in here too!) and information flood. But I do love to have a good amount of time where I can actually focus 100%.

Therefore I have a goodie for you today. To share my joy so to speak. You know that I love wooden toys. However, very often wooden toy brands cater for babies and very small children. But I found a very great lovely shop* on Etsy that makes beautiful and educational wooden toys that incorporate the Montessori method, art, and science. Some toys are very useful for older children and so inspiring too!

Suba from Mirus Toys creates toys that combine science and art, toys that are inspired by nature and nurture the natural curiosity of a child. Wonderful wooden toys that grow with them, are educational but are beautiful, beautifully designed and crafted with attention to detail. And that can be passed on to generations.

‘My daughter is my inspiration, and when I design toys I consider her curiosity and enjoyment. I want all children to laugh and play the way my daughter does when she discovers a new set of toys. As she grows and discovers the wonder that is our world, my line of toys keeps expanding too.’

Before I am showing some of my favourites, here is some more info about these marvelous educational wooden toys:

Everything is tested and CPSC approved and compliant. Made from the highest quality maple wood and coloured with non-toxic paints and food safe-sealants. And even more important, you will fall in love with them instantly. Just as I did…


cursive writing wooden board

The ABC board

Practice handwriting and perfect it with the help of this all-natural wooden teaching board*. This beautiful alphabet board in cursive writing is made from maple, and the grooved contrasting letters provide the perfect tactile input for the child.

And did you notice that the vowels and consonants are coloured differently? This will help your child to understand that they are, indeed, different. So when they are ready to learn about vowels, the blue letters will be fresh in their memories.


wooden educational toys

The number counting board

This counting board* teaches the value of numbers intuitively and lets your little one learn how to write the numbers too. The beautiful board comes with a wooden “pencil” to trace and practice writing the numbers.

The math wheel

Choose a number with one of the bigger coins and keep that in the middle. Now you can either practice addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Choose your method and find the correspondent wooden coin and place it next to your big number. Now you cans tart your math fun with this great math wheel*! (for some extra help you can use the 100 board*) The wooden coins come in a little cloth bag to keep them together.

The periodic table

I love this one so much. It is perfect to get your children interested in chemistry, especially when they start learning about it in school and might have a teacher that is, unfortunately, not very engaging. This wooden periodic table* depicts where each element is found/used in our everyday life! (It comes with a pdf download of cards giving more details about each element.)

The leaf puzzle

The leaves are made of their respective woods (oak leaf in oak, Ash made of ash…)! Therefore you can see how the wood looks like – for example, the grain, the colour, the hardness…
On top, the front of each leaf is its natural wood color. And the back of the leaves is coloured in their beautiful autumn colours. Altogether, this leaf puzzle* is such a beautiful, clever and educational wooden toy. (Suba is open to personalise the board with trees of your region if you like!)


wooden educational toys

Perpetual calendar

With this calendar, your child can visually describe how the day will unfold every morning. Making for a fun start and simultaneously learning why the day is the way it is!  You will find a temperature, date, weather, days of the week, moon phase, seasons, and months section. Altogether, this perpetual calendar* would be such a great and special gift as well! Probably as good as educational wooden toys can get.

Moon Phases

This is such a creative, beautiful way to keep track of the moon. The top section has the phases of the moon, replicated from a beautifully illustrated watercolor painting. And the bottom section has the full moons as described in the Farmer’s Almanac. Moreover, the moon is a fascinating ‘thing’ and often generates a lot of questions. This toy* is perfect for curious children.


Personalized wooden name tracing board with photo

Personalised name tracing board

The picture encourages them to trace and practice their own name over and over. And after they know how to write their name, this will become a name sign for their room. Such a great heirloom gift*!


wooden rainbow - sorting tray

Colour sorting rainbow

This big wooden rainbow* helps with fine motor skills, colour matching and sequencing, colour identification, counting, and of course, learning the colours of the rainbow. And it is big, made of buttery white maple hardwood with bright colors and the balls are made of 100% wool felt.

What do you say? Are you in love yet? I am so happy I found this shop* and I am sure you will find the perfect present for your little ones here as well…

By the way, these educational wooden toys are made to order in the city of Vancouver, Washington. And every delivery is packed using recyclable materials.

More wooden toys? How about these or those?


PS: Mirus means marvel in Latin. Toys for a world full of marvels.

PPS: Christmas is not that far away…

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Educational Wooden Toys

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Heart to Wear

Heart Wear

One of the things that I keep remembering from my trade show visits this summer is listening to a shop owner saying: ‘I will get heart prints in the shop, because all we need is love at the moment’.

Her shop is based in the US and she was mostly referring to the political situation.
Well, here in the UK we can report the same political mess right now and when we look around. Things are not that easy when it comes to the economy, environment, and, yes, politics.

Wearing hearts may not resolve much (but please do keep on with the little things we can all do to help!) but they surely lift our mood. And they show love.

So, love it is, lots of love:


1. Walking on love should be a good way to start your first steps

2. A heart here, and a heart there. Or just all of them on one wall. Your decision with these cute wall decals*.

3. Adorable linen dress* with a heart shaped back.

4. Quilted heart pillow and blanket. Love the simplicity.

5. That is a lot of love on one jumper.

6. One you grew out of your baby moccs, you can exchange them for these cool sneakers*.

7. An icon for a t-shirt. Minimalist share of love with the play shirt*. (various colours available)

8. For mums – this handy and cute pochette.

9. Happy hearts grey sweater*.

10. Forever love in your countertop with this tray*. A classic.

11. Perfect pair of pyjamas*. Dream in love…

12. Absolute darling mobile.

13. Loving hearts brooch* to jazz up any outfit.

14. Building set of ten heart shaped blocks.

15. Beautiful t-shirt* with a heart going around.


Heart to wear!

Happy weekend…. and take a look at our rainbow round up before you leave!

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Children’s furniture with a taste of nostalgia

Children's furniture
Etablissements Minus is a beautiful French brand, which designs children’s furniture, in its workshop in Bayonne. Furniture with a nostalgic touch to be precise.

Every piece feels a little bit like it was in the family for a very long time. Well, it probably is the beginning and one day, somebody can say that it has been.

The brand is inspired by nostalgia, a love of vintage objects and passion for craftsmanship. Therefore, the furniture is made of solid oak and raw steel, giving character to each creation.

It has been a while that I shared a great furniture brand, but this one really made me stop whilst browsing for a good moment. There is so much charme and love involved:

Children's furniture

Children's furniture

Children's furniture

Children's furniture

Children's furniture

Children's furniture


Children's furniture

The wood is so beautiful!

And the good thing is, this is furniture that will follow your children for many years. It is timeless and can easily be moved around the house. A great table, storage bench or coat rack is useful for many years. And later, it will find a new life with the children of your children…

To perfect the kids room, I have a beautiful accessory brand that will go so nicely with these pieces – have a look!

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Colourful children’s rooms in this Country House

Colourful children's rooms

This beautiful family home, just 1 1/2 hours outside New York City, has a very elegant and subtle country house atmosphere. You will enter and discover lots of grey and cream tones.

But once you come up to the children’s rooms you will be delighted to see colours. Fun, cool, fresh, and bright colours that are so surprising and so splendid at the same time.

And this family house is a real treat. Moreover, the surroundings are laid-back, simple, and just full of country life. Amenia did not change much over the last years and remains a little village with a shop, a church, and a restaurant.

And yet, I am pretty sure, that the family that comes up here to escape their busy city life, enjoys the peace, space, and greenery:


Colourful children's rooms

Colourful children's rooms

Colourful children's rooms 4

Colourful children's rooms 5

Colourful children's rooms 6

That yellow four poster bed is a stunner. I am with you.

And it really makes one to think about yellow in the house more seriously. If you want to copy the idea, I have the feeling that your best bet would be to buy a simple wooden four poster bed. And then you go and buy a sunny yellow colour and block a weekend for some DIY fun.

More, I love the wonderful bench under the windows. Something you see a lot in American homes and it always looks so cosy. The built in bookshelf that has a little ladder to reach to upper levels is a great idea and use of space.

Personally, I could actually look at the little girls’ room for hours…


pink bathroom

And how about a pink bathroom?

By the way – those storage baskets you see everywhere – you can get them here*. In various colours, including yellow.


stylish boys room

stylish boys room

stylish boys room

stylish boys room

The boy’s room is pretty cool too. And with the same cool bookshelf and window seat features. And instead of a yellow bed, there are a couple of yellow accessories to match.

Such refreshing rooms!

And if you like this place, I am pretty sure this modern family farmhouse is right down your alley too.


via Chango
Photography: Sarah Elliott
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21 fun things for your September!

21 fun things for your September

Yes, August is nearly over. The days are getting shorter, the kids are back to school and the routine is back in our lifes.

We had an interesting summer, the first one as a family in London. Enjoying everything the city has to offer, ticking a few boxes from our bucket list, finding hidden spots and the best gelato.

The annual trip to France included some lovely catch ups with the extended family and many hours at the beach. Building castles, mini pools, and shell mandalas.

And to make the transition into September a little easier, here are my 21 favourite things, articles, and finds right now. Oh, and one amazing wooden toy shop:

wooden toy shop
Cute toy shop* with lots of accessories.

How parents don’t stop handling things for their children when they become adults.


baby leather shoes
Handmade baby leather shoes.

I would not mind to sleep in this muslin bedding set*.


japanese tableware
Sweden meets Japan! A beautiful porcelain series.

Was just talking about gorgeous knits for little ones this week, and for grown ups – I am obsessed with this London based brand.


kids room
A really great London family home with some great ideas to take away! By the way, this place in Bath is pretty special too.

The future of print.


linen pinafore
Adorable linen pinafores, leaf playmats and accessories. All handmade by Hellen*.

tantrums & meltdowns


pinafore dress

mustard baby shoes leather
How about some delightful dresses and even more divine baby shoes? Loving this Etsy shop*.

The world’s best playgrounds.


chloe leather bag brown
So smitten with this bag*. Perfect for Autumn and it looks amazing when folded down and so practical overall.

Fashionable 50. From the sports world. The good thing – not only women but a mix!


hello simone kids clothing
Elegant, colourful and French Chic! Great new collection*.

Teen founders!


Discovered this fantastic illustrator during our time in Nantes (where he resides) – Antoine Corbineau.

Sustainable, re-usable and luxe packaging ideas.


Cucumber Mint Gin Coolers
I do like a g&t sometimes. But next time, I really want to try this cucumber, mint & gin cooler!

Do you love Friends (the TV series) as much as I do? Lego will launch a Central perk set. Need!


Angel costume* – just magical!


Wishing you a blissful weekend and see you back here next week… xoxo


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