Dreamy accessories for gorgeous children’s rooms

moi milli

Guten Morgen everyone. Today marks two weeks that my children have been in school and I am slowly picking things up again.

And I am crossing everything I have that it will continue this way because I would really love to continue working on projects and ideas instead of Google Classroom assignments and endless cooking. I am sure you understand. Somehow I am also only realising now that it has been 6 months and that it is a very long time indeed.

So, to end the week with something beautiful and comforting I am sharing the delicious home accessories* made by Klaudia who is based in Warsaw, Poland.

Moi Mili is a small studio, making lovely quilted bedspreads, colourful pillows and the most divine teepees*.

“We attach great attention to detail and everything we create we put a lot of heart and passion.”


moi milli

moi milli

moi milli

moi milli

Yes… I told you those teepees are extraordinary. How about frills and embroidery*, powdered flounces*, or even lace and tulle*?

So romantic…


moi milli 6

moi milli

moi milli

moi milli

“We want to create a pleasant atmosphere in every room, bring a smile to your faces and make your interior becomes unique.”

Everything is unique and proudly handmade in Poland with passion, close attention to details, and 100% natural materials. And you can clearly see the folk culture inspiration as well as the boho influence.


More interior inspiration for the little ones? How about some boho furniture or these rainbow wall hangings?


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Stunning Malmo family home with hints of colours

Stunning Malmo family home with hints of colours

Hej Hej, today we are back in one of our old places. We are in Malmo, Sweden. And I have to say when I am looking at the pictures I do miss our place we had over there. It truly was the best thing during our time there.

And some of the features I can see in this lovely family apartment as well. High ceiling, lovely wooden floors, beautiful windows, with that gorgeous Scandinavian light falling through.

On top this place is showing off some very gorgeous wall colours that really bring out its features. Of course there is a lovely children’s room as well, which, again, has some lovely hints of colour. Something we do not see that often in Scandinavian homes.

Are you ready for the tour? Let’s start with the space for the little ones:

Stunning Malmo family home with hints of colours

Stunning Malmo family home with hints of colours

Stunning Malmo family home with hints of colours

Stunning Malmo family home with hints of colours

Stunning Malmo family home with hints of colours
Loving that shade of blue and the little pops of neon.


Stunning Malmo family home with hints of colours

Stunning Malmo family home with hints of colours

Books! So many books! Love it…


Stunning Malmo family home with hints of colours
Great print selection!


Stunning Malmo family home with hints of colours

And of course a cute kitchen too…


Stunning Malmo family home with hints of colours
Little green corner.

I guess we can agree that this is one stunning place and we could move in here right away…


More places from Malmo? How about this poetic family home or a dreamy boho meets vintage place?


Via Fastighetsbyran
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The coolest rainbow decor items for the children’s room!

rainbow decor kids room

I know! Rainbows have been around for quite some time now… but I think they are perfect for a nursery or kids room.

They give you this happiness and ‘everything is good’ feeling which is so important when living with children. And rainbows are truly timeless, loved by big and small and light up any space. Just think about what happens when the natural wonder of a rainbow happens. It captivates everyone.

Therefore, a rainbow is the perfect decoration for a kids room. Be it a print, a wall hanging or a beautiful toy, rainbows have the natural magic in them.

And I had a look around and found the latest rainbow decor items that will turn any place into a happy place. Stylish, easy and modern in 8 variations:



Beautiful rainbow mat that can be used as a very lovely playmat for little ones and when outgrown even decorate the walls of the kids room. Clever!


changing basket cover rainbow

Changing pad cover with great rainbow print.



Happy rooms need a rainbow rug!


felt ball mobile nursery

Colourful and contemporary unisex felt ball nursery mobile.



Gorgeous tapestry. Can be used as a rug, bedspread, or hang up on the wall. And beautiful earth colours too.


modern rainbow print

Modern rainbow print that is so simple yet lovely.



XXL rainbow sticker in boho style. Can be taken off easily which makes it easy in case you would like to re-decorate or the new piece of furniture would hide this beauty. Stick and peel as much as you want…


rainbow wall hanging

Macrame rainbow wall art! J’ adore!


Have fun decorating! As you can see there are many autumn and earthy colours in here. Taking you away from the usual bright and loud colours of a rainbow. To add a little more to the decor inspiration you can have a look at these handmade rainbow wall hangings or these cool prints that make for a quick decor update.


All links are affiliate.
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Green Autumn Vibes!

green autumn kids fashion


Whilst looking a bit through the new collections that dropped into stores over the last weeks I was very drawn to all the beautiful shades of green that I saw.

And I know that Autumn is so famous for its shades of yellow, orange, and brown… however we are still enjoying a bit of green on the trees and I had to share some favourites with you.

Further: Green is a great colour that works for both girls and boys and is super easy to mix and match with anything you already have in your wardrobe.

Let’s go with some great green autumn kids fashion:

1. Organic cotton jersey dress with beautiful clouds print.

2. Moon Wolf bodysuit.

3. Striped long sleeve that you wear with anything.

4. Very cosy hoodie with the cutest pockets…

5. Balloon sweater in fun orange with graphic print.

6. Wide leg velvet pants with floral embroidery on the elastic waistband.

7. Chino suspender trousers. Love them!

8. Skunk socks.

9. Arty Pony beanie for chilly mornings…

10. Low top trainers in T H E autumn 2020 colour.

11. Chunky alpaca cardigan.


Would you like to see more kids fashion selections? How about these fun and delightful kids clothes or xxx!


Disclaimer: all links are affiliate
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Family Holiday on the Kent Coast

Family Holiday on the Kent Coast

This year we decided to vacation nationally and went to Kent. Not far from London at all, and therefore perfect for the current situation that can be somehow challenging for travelling families.

And here we stayed at the very charming 19th century Victorian cottage called The Wainstones Cottage. A place that rather found us than the other way around because the owner is my friend Sophie. A very talented multi-entrepreneur who is living in France and owns this cottage on the other side of the channel.
The cottage is located in the pretty seaside town of Hythe, just a stone’s throw from the main shopping street. Which made general errands like grocery shopping or take away very easy. And even the beach and canal were very close by.

More about Hythe

The coast is on our doorstep, you have easy access to explore the beautiful lush countryside and there are numerous castles to discover.
We were very lucky with the weather (you just don’t know when in the UK) and enjoyed the local beach profoundly. The best thing about it really is the promenade running behind it. I just love a great beach promenade and this one is kinda endless. Plus you will find some lovely cafes, restaurants, as well as little kiosks that did great with the new rules in place.

At the beach, you can choose between sunbathing, swimming, kayaking, kite surfing, and other water sports. The beach, as well as the water, were super clean and we all had a swim. Something, I have to be honest, I did not expect. But during the very hot days, I did go in completely and had a nice and refreshing swim.

But there is more than the beach

Hythe is the best place to access the Royal Military Canal. Stretching 28 miles from Seabrook almost to Hastings, it borders the Romney Marsh and was dug by hand in the early 1800s. A public path now runs its length so it can be enjoyed by walkers, cyclists, and anglers.

And when walking up to Sandwood behind the cottage we enjoyed a little forest as well as a huge playing field and spend some lovely afternoons here as well.

Some images from our Family Holiday on the Kent Coast:


Family Holiday on the Kent Coast 4

Family Holiday on the Kent Coast 4

Family Holiday on the Kent Coast 4

Family Holiday on the Kent Coast 4

More about the cottage

The Wainstones Cottage is really well equipped and has everything you need for a comfortable family stay. There is a cosy sitting room, a separate dining space, and a small yet practical kitchen. Upstairs are two comfortable bedrooms that are beautifully decorated. Furthermore I love that Sophie chose some famous local Hythe and Folkestone artists to add colours, lovely prints, and other interior accessories. We thoroughly enjoyed the selection of family games that guests can use. Between jigsaw puzzles, classics, and games that we did not know and tried out after breakfast. It was good entertainment and very appreciated.

After all we had a very lovely time and were happy with our decision to stay in the UK. And even during the hot days, it was not too crowded at the beach, and one could always find a spot and keep distance to others.

In addition, the High Street is a great mix of antique shops, boutiques, and gift shops, intermingled with cafés, restaurants and convenience stores.

Family Holiday on the Kent Coast 4

Would we recommend it?

In short: Absolutely. As mentioned, it is easy to reach from London as well as the Eurotunnel between Folkestone (UK) and Calais (FR) that is only a 10min drive from Hythe.  There is a lot to do with many beautiful beaches and lovely villages and cities along the Kent coast. A good start to explore are Sophie’s recommendations that she shares on the website. She has three children and is definitely a good source when it comes to entertaining the family in Hythe and surroundings.

Thank you, Sophie, for the lovely time we had and for making us discover this part of the UK.


All images: Paul & Paula
Disclaimer: The first week was a press trip, the 2nd week fully paid by ourselves. All words and opinion are my own.
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