Happy spring clothes for kids!

spring clothes kids

Good Morning everyone! How are you? Over the last days we thankfully changed from freezing to nearly Spring. And it is so appreciated!

And it means that over the last days we woke up to the sun. Such a mood booster! Which made me think that Spring is really coming along. Therefore I had to go and check what is in store to give your little one’s wardrobe a little Spring Lift.

Below you can find some of my favourites and they all work great when it comes to layers. Crisp mornings still need some tights or leggings and a cardigan on top. And later you can wear it with light shoes. Perfect!

Of course, you will find lots of unisex pieces too. Keeping it simple and easy.

Please enjoy my edit of Spring clothes for the kids:


1. Cool organic Cotton Joggers in green. For boys and girls.

2. Cutest overall. I love this one. It is so fun and cute…

3. Organic printed sweater.

4. Linen overalls with ruffles for a romantic look. Add tights, leggings and a long sleeve until it is warm enough.

5. Cover up! Easy with this sun hat!

6. Add some fun to your outfits with this bandana.

7. So comfy, so sweet and a must have: Muslin babygro!

8. Organic cotton Tomato T-Shirt for fun days.

9. Anniversary Organic Cotton Sweatshirt – choose between 1 year and up to 10. Kids love it!

10. Organic cotton Pointelle Dress – delicate, chic and very beautiful!

11. Raphia tote for mums

12. Flowy Cotton Muslin Trousers Dusty Pink



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Swing the 50’s with this creative children’s line

Roly Pony

Not long ago I had the chance to discover the latest collection from Roly Pony and immediately fell in love with it. I got to know the brand a few years ago and I think their collections are getting better and better with each season.

For this Spring/ Summer Aytan was inspired by the 50’s. And we can enjoy beautiful swing dresses, three quarter sleeves or large pockets. Paired with accented collars and floating fabrics.

But the best really are the prints. They are all designed by Roly Pony who are based right here in London. And they do add the right coolness as well as elegance to each style!

Let’s have a look at this new edgy collection for children swinging in the 50’s:


Roly Pony Roly PonyRoly Pony

My Leonor had the honour to select a piece from the new collection. And she went straight for this lovely blue dress. The styling with the sneakers in the photo is absolutely my cup of tea. And Leonor cannot wait for warmer days to wear the dress outside. It is such a great piece, elegant and yet easy to wear to any occasion…


Roly Pony Roly Pony

That jacket is stunning! I know! It is not available yet… but probably a smart idea to keep an eye out because I have the feeling it will sell very quickly…


Roly Pony Roly Pony

And what do you think? Isn’t a fun, playful as well as sophisticated collection?

Good to know: Roly Pony added some sweet accessories to complete your outfit to their store. And if you are in need of a little gift, you can find some lovely things for that as well. We love a great one stop shopping experience!

It is not long until Spring starts and we can hopefully wear some lighter outfits very soon…


Have a look at these cute sandals, for mums and girls, they may go very well with these outfits…


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The cutest Huarache sandals one can wear – promise!

cutest Huarache sandals
Hello everyone! I am totally aware that it is only mid February and many of us are freezing and dealing with snow. However, March is coming soon, Easter is early this year and if one thing will cheer you up it is cute shoes for the months ahead.

I actually found these late in 2020 and immediately fell in love. But had to keep on a bit because I thought that these Huaraches are not really something you buy in November or December. At least not if you live in the Northern Hemisphere…

But now it is time! And I know you will love them just as much as I do because they are the cutest Huarache sandals one can wear. For mums as well as mini me’s!

And Macarena’s shoes are not only fantastic and so beautifully boho, they are handmade in Mexico from 100% natural leather.

Let’s have a look and see why I think that these are the cutest Huarache sandals one can wear:


cutest Huarache sandals

cutest Huarache sandals

cutest Huarache sandals
These beautiful shoes* can be worn with a dress as well as with a pair of jeans and you will always look unique and fashionable.

About huarache:

The huarache is part of the traditional Michoacán clothing. Which includes straw hats, embroidered blanket dresses, bandanas and monfarlans too. It is an authentic state full of traditions and crafts, of which the huaraches are part. They really stand out for being comfortable and perfect for all occasions. And to this day, Huarache artisans continue to use traditional techniques which have been used by their grandparents and their grandparents’ grandparents.


cutest Huarache sandals

cutest Huarache sandals

cutest Huarache sandals
It is so hard to choose a favourite but I will share my top three:

  1. The classic*. In tan and with laces to go up your ankle. So cute.

2. Embroidered*.  Because I just love a good embroidery and they would make me so happy every time I’d wear them.

3. Gold*. I love a bit of gold during summer. Together with the colourful style, they are gorgeous.


cutest Huarache sandals
Yes there are! Some of the designs also come in children sizes* so your little one can enjoy these lovely sandals as well. And that would definitely be a great mini & me look….


Want to see more boho styles? Have a look at these rainbow decor for the kids room or Boho Baby Heaven!


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Beautifully crafted and stylish children clothes

linen clothes kids

Oh, hello there! It is always weird to start an article after you have been away for a bit. And for a longer period than anticipated. You probably know that most parents are homeschooling again and if you are in the same situation – let’s agree that this time around it is much harder. (if you are in the group that never sent the kids back to school in between, you are my heroes. really!)

Anyway, the whole situation is fine and we are trying hard to make the best out of it. But my days are getting shorter and shorter… which meant: No time for writing!

Until today! Yay! It feels so good… and you know what – in not even 5 weeks it is March. And the days will be longer, there will be the first signs of Spring and even Easter will be just around the corner…

And to be dressed for the upcoming Spring season, I found a gorgeous, well crafted and very stylish linen children’s clothing brand for you.

Everything is ethically made from certified European natural flax and fabrics of the highest quality. Further, all items are handcrafted in Ukraine by Anna and her team with lots of love and passion.

You will discover lovely linen clothes with sweet ruffles, subtle colours, cute rompers and big tulle for the special occasions in your life. Be inspired:


linen clothes kids

linen clothes kids

Linen dress with fairy tale Flutter sleeves* – what a beautiful back! Shown here in a lovely dusty pink but also available in a gorgeous mustard!


linen clothes kids

linen clothes kids
Linen rompers* for the youngest. For sweet boho looks…


linen clothes kids

linen clothes kids

And then… there is tulle! I adore the white dress* with the Italian lace top and big tulle skirt. It is utterly gorgeous!


You can already spot from the images that the craftsmanship is extraordinary and everything is exquisitely made. Lovely colours, details, and lots of understated luxury.

I am pretty sure your little girl will love to twirl around in one of these dresses this coming Spring!

Pssst… I will have something lovely for you mums for this Spring as well. Stay tuned!


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21jolly things for an awesome start into 2021!

paul paula blog 2021

Hi everyone. Now, I hope you are doing great. After the little bummer of being in lockdown over the holidays we just got the news that schools will not re-open next week either. It does not come as a huge surprise but resilience is written in B I G letters over my head now.

The days are short, cold and my motivation for another round of home schooling is more than low. I admit!

Still being positive and seeing the situation as a ‘it is what it is’ kind of thing I can feel my limits a bit more clear these days too.

So wherever you are, I really hope that you are ok and walking around with your chin up. I am sending you a virtual hug because we all need one.

Please enjoy some things, reads and finds to get into 2021 with a little skip… or tow:

wooden rainbow montessori
Great shop with wonderful Montessori toys that may make homeschooling a tiny bit easier!

10 Family-Friendly Things You Can Do at Home This Winter That Don’t Involve a Screen. Dwell.


fish stuffed animal handmade
Unique and very cute soft friends*!

The best things for ourselves and our families that made an unbelievably weird year just a little more manageable.


star moon coffee mug
Beautiful ceramics and I basically want them all. New year, new tea mug… :)

2020 celeb scandals.


oversize cashmere scarf
Spoil yourself ladies! With these luxury knitted items. Because home office means comfort and we want it chic.

I will join this ‘Ready to Crush’ 21 days challenge starting next Monday. You too?


linen tablecloth
I cannot even remember when I put a proper tablecloth on. But this year I bought one to make the holidays a tiny bit more festive. And I have to say – it is so lovely and make a great difference when it comes to atmosphere.
Meaning: I will get one for Spring too because the one I got fits more with the Christmas Mood.
My eyes are on those because nothing can beat linen*!

The simple knitted ensemble in subtle colours is T H E thing for adults right now. This is the perfect baby version*!


vegan aubergine cauliflower lentil harissa
I love herbs and spices and made this delicious vegan recipe recently. With lots of harissa!

How was 2020 for Chloe and Darshana? Read their interviews…


soor plom-velour-corduroy-overalls
New Soor Plom* collection available.

I am a huge fan of Ren Skincare and this is one of my favourite cleansers.


Great DIY. A paper mache rainbow vase.

It is cold outside baby. And this cream* will help to keep your skin in check.


ceramic palette and brush rest bunny
For the little artist: Bunny palette and brush rest* in ceramic!

OMG. This minty lip balm* is the best!


playroom mural sun
Very cool mural, all DIY and rather easy to copy!

2021 will definitely be the year of sneakers. (again)
What else would you wear with your comfort chic ensembles???
And these never go out of style…


lorna murray
These beautiful (sun) hats* are now available in Europe as well! Adult sizes are available as well.


Happy 2021 everyone!!! Lots of love, health, and resilience…


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