Ochuss Moda Infantil

Ochuss Moda Infantil
Romantic Monday alert!
Yes, a few frills will be seen here today. Not often but sometimes nice and I believe it is good to change a little from the ‘expected”. After the quirky style from Belgium last Friday we are in Spain today.
And I know you really loved Nine – especially for summer this light pieces are very nice.

Ochuss is a brand a from Sevilla dedicated to dressing the little ones. Simple, feminine, and with a chic touch.

And when you start looking through the images you will notice some black and other darker colours! LOVE!

A perfect and exquisite combination (you know I love black) and the Andalusian brand Ochuss Moda Infantil does it pretty perfect.
You may think that it is a tricky colour, especially for summer, but:
*Summer is still not here.
*Black looks especially stunning on blonde/ very light children.
*Add some colourful shoes and accessories and you will see how cool it is!
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Ochuss Moda Infantil

Ochuss Moda Infantil

Ochuss Moda Infantil

Ochuss Moda Infantil

Ochuss Moda Infantil

Ochuss Moda Infantil
The Spring/ Summer collection from Ochuss Moda Infantil also has some gentle shades of green, an always romantic and delicate addition of ruffles and graceful sleeves.

And there is a lot of white. Another tricky colour it seems. Delicate and you can see every little stain. Well that is true but it also is T H E colour of all summers. And cotton garments are easy to wash. Add some magic powder (stain remover) and you are fine.

A very cute and wearable collection! What do you think?

Images: RocĂ­o Aguado


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