nununu – back to school

nununu back to school

If there is one big topic for families over the summer than the name is: Back to School!

I know some of you are not on their summer break yet but we, for example, will actually go back in 4 weeks. Already!
Which means that a check is needed. Backpacks still ok (I heard that some families do buy a whole set of new backpacks for every school year. It never crossed my mind. It seems some kind of ‘tradition’, especially in the US, I believe. What about you? I feel that a new backpack is necessary when the old one is not doing its job anymore… regardless Back to School… but hey, only my two cents), water bottles have lids and so, PE shoes are still good etc…

One of my all time favourite brands, nununu, added some really good stuff to their Back to School collection for this year. Next to the clothing you can also find black notebooks with the typical skull or star print, lunchboxes and drinking bottles. And then you pack everything in your cool ninja backpack and you are ready to go.
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