I discovered Nikolia during Pitti Bimbo last week and was smitten right away.

There is so much poetry in the garments I can hardly describe how gorgeous they are.

And yes… it is different. It is very fashionable. A little {lot} eccentric but all over: just very cool! It is Nikolia.

Ruta Elkimaviciute is the genius behind the brand. True genius to have the imagination and creativity to transfer beauty into kids fashion. And when I saw her clothes I told her to please send me the look book. I was sure it would be extraordinary…

“It’s dark. Not even the slightest ray of light breaks through. You’re stumbling over scattered pieces of your reality trying to make your way out. You’re reaching out but you can’t feel your mother’s touch. You feel the strings lift you up like a marionette. You’re walking but they are controlling your every move.”
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Nikolia Nikolia Nikolia Nikolia Nikolia Nikolia

The look book is the extension. Not the usual stuff. Of course not. Some maybe a little ‘over the top’ but being noticed and standing out is crucial in a overstimulated world. And, the images, are kind of genius too.

Nikolia is every occasion wear for personalities from 1 till 14.

“Your path has been drawn and you have to follow blindly. But your mind is growing wings. Tiny ones at first but
they grow becoming strong and powerful. Your mind breaks free. You realize that all the light you needed is in your heart. Your strings break. You find yourself. The true you. And from now on you will forge your own path. You have become an artist. You are now the light.”

These are the images from their A/W 2017 campaign.

Photography: Eliza Logan


PS: Really make sure to check out their website. It is adorable. And there you can find the current collection as well.


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