New York with kids {part two}

Paul&Paula blog: New York with kids
After {part one} I am now attacking the second part and also trying to see when we can go baaaaaaack… :)

Yes, still longing for big cities and definitely longing for change. This grey grey grey every day is just too much for me. I am sure grey in NYC is very pretty…
Paul&Paula blog: New York with kids
China Town

Of course we had to go. I needed a Dim Sum fix and I can also officially say that Dim Sum is a great meal plan with kids. So many to choose from. Easy to eat and when you go for the real deal… the kids love to see the people buzzing around with the trolleys and then choosing their very own.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Woooooaaaaah! Absolutely a place we would have like to spend more time. Amazing project and I am very impressed that they decided to create a huge green area with lots of activities {instead of offices or shops or something}.

The park runs across the water front – great views on Manhattan – and is divided into Piers. And you can find a beach, football ground {soccer?!}, various playgrounds, a garden bar and and and… it is so cool!

Paul&Paula blog: New York with kids
Central Park

… was the first thing we did in NY. We arrived late afternoon, had something to eat and all went to bed. And of course were all up super early because of the time difference… little breakfast and off to Central Park.

It was so quiet and lovely! Really cool. We had a second breakfast in a cafe in the park.

There are so many playgrounds {I think ±23}, squirrels and we came back on other occasions or just to have a little break or pick nick…

Talking about pick nicks. Another reason that I find very much good enough to move over to NYC. Wholefoods!
Oh I looooove it.

All this yummy food and then the bar where you can create your own dish. Choosing from tons of stuff… oh yes, we had very nice pick nicks and sometimes also went back to pick up diner. Looooooooooove!
Paul&Paula blog: New York with kids
Imagination playground

We came here during our last day and it was a fantastic choice. The kids loved to play here {click the link to read the story} and just right next to it you had the typical food trucks and we had an amazing lunch {party}.
Paul&Paula blog: New York with kids
Rockefeller Center

Of course we had to do one skyscraper and we chose the Rockefeller because you can buy tickets for a time slot. So no queuing etc!

The kids were very impressed to see the big city from above and also to spot a few sights we already saw and visited.

Paul&Paula blog: New York with kids
Paul&Paula blog: New York with kids
Paul&Paula blog: New York with kids

{Originally TriBeCa and acronym from “Triangle Below Canal Street”}

The area for shopping & eating { check Steven Alan!} and also a Wholefoods with Washington Market Park just around the corner. Here you can find a great playground. We took turns – one staying with the kids, one went shopping.
Paul&Paula blog: New York with kids
American Museum of Natural History
The largest natural history museum in the world with a dinosaur exhibit that blows your mind. A must-do is the Evolution section as well as the Planetarium. Added bonus: The gift shop goes over 2 floors and has awesome stuff. I love museum gift shops!

But: Do not plan to eat in the museum. The cafe was not very nice.




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