Adorable minimalist-inspired jewellery for mums!

minimalist jewellery

Mums – how good are you with self-care?
Do you look after yourself? It can be as luxurious as enjoying a good massage or a spa treatment but even a quiet moment to read a book or listen to a podcast can really help to re-charge.

We are all busy and it is so easy to put ourselves at the end of the tail. All of the time!

One easy way to change your mind – these days – is to browse the net. And I hope that I can help you with my articles to read and discover fun and interesting things. Like today!

Because I found some really lovely jewellery that is made and designed right here in London. Gorgeous pieces that will enhance every outfit and be the little perfect detail. Personally, I love jewellery. Not so much the statement pieces but really more the ‘perfect detail’ kind. I never leave the house without earrings and if it happens by accident (very rarely, because it is such a natural thing to put them on every morning for me) I feel so naked and strange.

Anyway, let us circle back to my find. Emma creates minimalist-inspired jewellery* with beautiful materials using eco-friendly silver and gold. And I am in love with every single piece. Therefore, I am inviting you to have a look and maybe make yourself a little Pre-Christmas gift. or just something that will make your holiday outfits sparkle a little more:


minimalist jewellery

What does eco friendly silver actually mean?

This means that it is created from recycled silver and produced in a sustainable way. Eco Friendly Silver is simply recycled sterling silver. It means that there has been no mining or human exploitation involved in sourcing the silver. In every other way though, it is exactly the same as ‘normal’ sterling silver.


minimalist jewellery 3

Such a cute – mix & match – earring set*

Or that ear crawler*… so cute… true minimalist jewellery!


minimalist jewellery minimalist jewellery

I like the hammered, raw look a lot. It gives the minimalist jewellery a slightly irregular look, making each piece unique and adding character.

What do you think?


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