Insider: Maternity clothes that every future mum will adore!

storq maternity

Hello new week. And hello topic that I have not covered for ages. Maternity clothes! Sometimes we loose sight of things that are not prominent in our own lives anymore… but of course I am aware that some of my readers may add a baby to their family or are in the exciting stage of becoming a mum (parents) for the very first time.

And since I have been there four times, I think I have some things to share when it comes to maternity wear.

During the first weeks and months of your pregnancy you may be able to wear your ‘normal’ clothes and depending on your body, you may feel pretty normal in terms of shape too.

But once it is all about the belly growing and going down the ‘last weeks’ lane… I can tell you, that all you want is being comfortable. Comfortable without sporting the pyjama look! And you want to feel like yourself, because your body is changing, your belly is big but you really like to remember that you are still you! And not just a belly!

And there is one brand that ticks a lot of boxes for me: Storq!

Their collection is full of refined essentials, clothes that fit and make you feel put together. Everything is
uber-comfortable and made from fabrics that are soft and breathable using eco-friendly or natural fibers.

storq maternity

Plus: The brand makes nursing clothes too and some pieces do work for both, during pregnancy and after!

My favourite is the Basic Bundle. You may find the price tag a bit steep, but trust me – great basics go a long way. And you will probably live in this and just clap yourself that you went through and bought this!

storq maternity

storq maternity

storq maternity

Short: Stylish essentials for maternity, nursing, and parenthood. Feel like yourself again, only more comfortable.

Storq’s story: Two friends found themselves surrounded by mamas-to-be with nothing they loved to wear. The average piece of maternity wear looked nothing like the ‘regular clothes’ their friends owned.
Therefore they decided to create a few key pieces that could become something of a maternity uniform. Things you could wear year-round, things you’d always feel comfortable in and with an effortless silhouette.

Because what you wear is not only about how you look, but also how you feel.

Storq is an American company, however they offer international shipping!

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