Making brooches with your children’s clothes {DIY}

brooches DIY
Today I’m doing a very simple project but with a lot of memories in mind.

I didn’t keep any of my first child’s clothing (he is 12 now) and I wish I did.

At that time I thought the good thing was to give them away. After all, there are plenty of less fortunate people around, and because I move so much, I didn’t see the point in keeping any of his clothes.

I still give almost everything away, but this time I keep some of my favorite shirts (not in case I’ll have another kid), but because I like the memories each piece holds.

brooches DIY
So with that in mind, I thought I could make something that I would actually wear, get to see and enjoy.

This is what you’ll need:
• Any piece of clothing you love, or maybe don’t love it so much since it will be cut
• Favorite buttons
• Needle and thread
• Oh, and an iron would be nice – to flatten the pieces

brooches DIY
Then simply cut some pieces of the shirts or whatever you are using, mine are 12 x 2 cms.

brooches DIY
Iron, and fold to make a sort of bias.

brooches DIY
Then just make a rosette using whatever pieces of fabric you prefer, and attach the button.

brooches DIY
You can also embroider little initials or embellish anyway you want.

I hope you feel inspired to rescue those pieces that have been lying in a box for a long time.

Have a wonderful day.

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