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baby crib
little nest” the felt cradle by Oszkar Vagi

Shaped out of one single wool felt the cradle hugs around the baby as a protective shell taking care of it’s peaceful rest.
The cradle reacts to every move and wiggle the baby makes and calms them down with gentle swaying.
The shape of the cradle is made of a double layer of Merino wool felt handcrafted by master hatter with traditional wool felting technique.

Intersections is a series of geometric modular objects.

As each module slides into the other, like two combs, form and colour meet and interweave.

Lil Gaea
Lil’Gaea is a new, unique and innovative collection of children’s furniture from Turkey.

The careful choice of simple, natural, as well as technologically advanced, materials blend the designs harmoniously.
All paints are non-toxic,and the pieces handmade.



There is a new kids show going on, this time in Berlin. First edition starting tomorrow and afilii is curating the living & play section. Interesting design pieces that are available as well as a great selection of prototypes that are well worth to be produced.

For the first time afilii presents at the new childrens fashion and design show Cookies Show in Berlin a variety of 12 designer and manufactures from 7 different countries.
All these toys, home accessories and children’s furniture are examples of creativity with and courage.

Discover the full selection here:

Cookies Show
Tempelhof Airport Berlin
7 – 9th July





Once you have turned the cow, it will show its inner life: on the left side the meat parts and on the right its respective typical dishes. Thereby the WENDEKUH {turning cow} plays with a present taboo topic and wants to impede the estrangement to our food culture.
Its courage and honesty make it to a forward-looking product for kids. By Katharina Karras!


Stuff is the perfect accessory for the place where members of the family meet when leaving or coming home. It is the place the day starts in the morning and family time begins in the afternoons. By Judith Weber.


Wiping, hiding, sliding, withdrawing – the asymmetrical plywood-furniture can be used from children in many various ways. Lying on the floor it becomes a swing or cradle, while sitting at the orange padded surface. Standing upright it is quickly transformed into a slide, a puppet theatre or a cave, whiled the upholstery inside has a sound-absorbing effect. The form invites children from different ages to transform and use Dyyni in their way. By Antonia Lorz.




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