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linen clothing

A couple of years ago I bought a bedding set made of linen. Gradually, we added a couple more sets. And by today it is the only linen we put on our beds. It is so comfortable to sleep in and gets more soft with every wash. Pretty amazing!

One of my favourite shops to buy linen bedding is actually on Etsy and it is called MagicLinen*.  A pretty accurate name because linen is indeed magic. It looks great, it feels luxury, it gets even better every time you wash it, it is very durable, and the colours usually only look so cool because of the fabric.

The brand is based in Lithuania (which seems to be the linen capital) and run by a family. They specialise in bespoke linen home textiles as well as linen clothing.

‘MagicLinen grew out of our own passion for natural materials. Thus, we make our products from high-quality European linen fabric that is certified under the OEKO-TEX standard. We strive to be an ethical, sustainable, and transparent business that remains true to its values and appreciates customers as members of our own family.’

And there is more than just linen bedding:


linen clothing
linen clothing

Cute clothes for big and small that you can wear all year round…

Did you know that linen has magic powers? It is known to be the strongest natural fiber in the world. Therefore linen items are incredibly durable and can last for generations. They absorb and release moisture very fast, making it perfect for bedding, towels, and similar items.

On top, linen has a unique temperature regulating ability to keep you both cool and warm depending on the weather. That is why linen clothes* are so popular in the summer, and should not be overlooked in winter! One of the reasons I included a good amount of linen pieces in my autumn styles for mums article.


linen clothing

linen clothing
Pure linen on your bed makes for a very pretty bedroom, just look at these pictures!

Vita and her team take care of all products and give them the personal attention they deserve. She started the business the moment she realised how good her mother’s and even grandmother’s linens looked good as new after a long time in the family.

Today MagicLinen threads the needle between traditions and a more modern, contemporary design.

And one little extra note, the gray blue bedding set* looks stunning! I can vouch for it personally…

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