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lille huset

lille huset

lille huset
Alyson Beaton is Chicago-based designer and maker of kids play things and books.

“I designed all of the products with the mission of make it local, make it eco responsible and make it for the modern family. Being a mom, I wanted all of our products to not only be kid friendly but family friendly (i.e. not make more clutter or more things that end up in the vacuum). All of our products are designed to go with toys you already have.”  
She wanted to create an affordable eco-friendly, modern doll house and came up with the splendid idea of modular dollhouses called Lille Huset: 6 different styles to choose from, these dollhouses can be assembled by kids and personalized. They are made from paperboard and birch plywood so they are durable but light enough to be packed flat and carried, even by a child.

Each house has a birchwood front and replaceable paperboard sides. The kids can be as creative as they want!
Every house kit comes with house components, DIY design ideas book, DIY trading card, and portfolio package that is also an activity sheet to compliment your house.

PS: I think the mini houses make a great birthday gift!

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