I was so excited to share this post for you. Wanted to prepare it yesterday morning. Just that I spent all my yesterday with doctors.

I broke my ankle on Tuesday afternoon and got a cast yesterday. For the next six weeks.So instead of introducing you to the poetic universe of lecanotrouge, I was looking at neon lights.

But lets just talk about Laura and her friends. The moment I looked at lecanotrouge for the first time I thought: wow, such precious characters. So alive, full of stories and details.

And that’s what it is. Every character comes with a story. A beautiful story written by Laura herself. {you can read the stories in the shop with each product as well}

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lecanotrouge lecanotrouge lecanotrouge

On the pictures you can see how we incorporated some of the characters in our home. The kids could choose who they wanted in their rooms. One of my favourites is the Fancy Balloon. So simple yet so stunning. You have the feeling a real balloon is floating around. And who does not like a perfectly beautiful bright balloon?


lecanotrouge lecanotrouge lecanotrouge

Romy absolutely wanted the “Cupcake Bear” – the giant polar bear with the sweet little cupcake. So adorable.

Getting a few cards is a good way for a quick change of decoration. Tape them to your wall, or even frame them – I love this for an easy and quick update.

lecanotrouge lecanotrouge lecanotrouge

Lecanotrouge offers postcards, greeting cards, prints and dangler cards. All I can say is – everything looks even more adorable when you see it in front of you. The details, the colours, the high quality paper…

10% of gross sales are donated to animal welfare – you can see a few friends who benefited here.

lecanotrouge creates original hand-drawn images featuring charming creatures from around the world and from our imagination.And, while our products specifically focus on our hinterland friends, it is with a larger intention: we hope the lecanotrouge collection, in a quirky, disarming sort of way, encourages awareness; compassion; and action toward the care and protection of animals and their habitat. Our art. Your message. It’s that simple.




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