Kids rooms with plants

Kids rooms with plants

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Urban Jungle, green living or the garden inside your house. Plants are indispensable in our homes and they do add their special touch and charm in kids rooms too.

I really cannot imagine to live in a home without green. (the same goes for books by the way)
Plants just change the whole feeling and atmosphere.

And since it is Interior Tuesday here today, I found some lovely kids rooms with plants to give you some inspiration. To make you go and add a pot into the little ones room in case it is missing.
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Kids rooms with plants

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Kids rooms with plants

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Very special and a real tree inside this space. But they do come in smaller sizes too…


Kids rooms with plants

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plants kids room

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What do you think? Easy to care for plants are always a good idea. Great pots or baskets add another lovely accessory.
Some can even purify your air or take the ivy. Super versatile and available in all kinds of colors and shapes, this climbing vine helps clear out formaldehyde.

Or, totally ‘in’ at the moment again, the hearty rubber plant. Eradicating nasty formaldehyde and can tolerate cooler temperatures and low light. Just water it and you are good!



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