Fantastic wooden toys from Kid’s Concept

kids concept

Johanna Backman, Amelie Wiklund and Anna Enander are Kid’s Concept – a studio designing products for kids and their interiors based in Sweden.

Started in 2007 and offering everything you need for the perfect kid’s room – interior deco articles and furniture.

The idea is to work with a number of concepts, series and themes which gives the customers and shops the possibility to offer customized combinations.

‘Coordinated products makes is easy for the customer to choose from our product range as one can mix and match the rage of items. The colors we use in our concepts match and are easily combined.’


kids concept

kids concept


I love this set of 5 wooden houses*. You can assemble them again and again and they are so versatile.


kids concept

kids concept

kids concept

kids concept

The simple Scandinavian design is perfect for design conscious families because it is not overwhelming. You can easily add toys and personal belongings without having a space that looks overloaded.

I really like this concept of subtle colors, minimalist furniture and accessories that can be used in many different ways.

‘Letting children’s imagination influence the home is something we want to encourage. The family, the children and home is of great importance to us, and this influences and shapes the way we work.’

Fridge-freezer-wooden toys

OMG! A wooden fridge*! How cool is that? (the kitchen is pretty cool too…)


Allover I just love wooden toys. And when they are stylish, come in great colours (yes, you can have wooden toys that are not just bland like this cool ABC puzzle* !) then I just love them even more…

A good selection is to be found here*.


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