Cool indoor swings for the kids room

Cool indoor swings for the kids room

Things got a little twisted around this week and Interior Tuesday is Interior Wednesday for this week. To make it up I have something fun for you. Indoor swings!

Do you know a child who does not like swings? Even adults sometimes cannot resist and have a little swing during the trip to the playground. No childhood without a swing.

Dreamy, light and cheerful. Butterflies and sunshine.  And not for summer only if you bring the swing inside!  Today I would like to share some ideas for indoor swings. In the kids or play room.  Because there is always a place for a swing!

You do not have to go big and if necessary hang them up or even take them off when not in use. And they can be so much more than just a swing. A little table for role play, game initiator, a space divider and and and …

Add some accessories to make it even more fun – think garlands, plastic flowers or crochet bands.

Here is your inspiration:

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