I have long been thinking if I want to write a post today… tomorrow… or… not?!

The attacks in Paris on Friday evening truly shocked us. I am sure you feel the same… Paris is close, my husbands hometown, the city were we met, the city that changed me, the city that was my first adventure¬†abroad and so much more… for me it is like reading or watching a series that plays in a city I know well… it feels so much closer… same here…

We were just about to go to bed. I wanted to close my eyes when my husband says… “… what is happening in Paris…” “why?” “the guardian”… open eyes again, phone out and shock… wide awake… reading, live documentation… making lists in my head about people who are in Paris and so on and so on… horrible… I kept on saying “c’est terrible” like a million times… the baby sleeping on my husbands chest… you look at her and have no words…

As you can see I decided to write a post… about something that I truly enjoyed and loved the moment I saw it and that puts a smile on my face every day by now… it is also personal and it feels good to share today!

Because not long ago I was introduced to and was instantly smitten by their work. Illulia or better Christine, draws¬† illustrations based on pictures.When they asked me to make one for us for a review I immediately said yes…

In our case a picture of all children together {family portrait}. And you know, as all parents, we also wondered over the week end / after Friday in which world they will grow up … but they also make you very strong and remember to live your moments and to love.

I could go on and on but lets go back to illulia who made a beautiful illustration based on a picture I sent them. I also told them what kind of colours {simple} and background {neutral} I like and voila the result:
In love!

We immediately framed it and we love to look at it. We remember the first days when the three older siblings met their little sister. Siblings love is something truly special… and it is moments like this …

The children also like to “stop by” and look at the illustration… Leonor loves to tell me who is who and what everyone is doing, Antoine always finds inspiration for new questions and Romy spots details and remembers things we did that day the picture was taken… it is a real “meeting point”.


Just some info: There are two sizes available but custom sizes are available upon request. You can also get it framed immediately by illulia and in general – just e mail them with any wishes and ideas and I am sure Christine will be more than happy to work something out. The website is in German only right now but just e mail and it will be fine!

Perfect Christmas gift for grand parents as well, or yourself or just a very beautiful addition to your home.


Thank you Christine!




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