HUBA Design

HUBA Design
Huba was founded in 2016 by 2 architects, Katarzyna and Marcin Waloryszak, parents of Staś and Ida. The company has naturally become a combination of the designers’ passion for design and their love for children.

The founders decided to use the great potential of the local furniture industry, the experience and knowledge of Polish carpenters, combined with new technologies and good quality raw materials.

Developing good design to give joy to the little ones as well as help them discover the beauty of nature and their surroundings. Huba stands for design as a very important element of everyone’s life.


‘We offer you objects created to accompany your children for years, beyond seasonal trends and one-time delights. Our furniture and toys compose a space that encourages the users to make use of their surroundings as they feel. The objects
have simple shapes giving the opportunity of different functions and to grow with its user. We design furniture that is comfortable for our children and harmonize with our nature and physiognomy.’

I met the two founders during CIFF Kids {my report about the show will come soon!} and was able to see everything in person. And I could also see how kids reacted and immediately played, tested and used the objects. Very fascinating and a truly great concept. Lets have a closer at some of the pieces:
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HUBA Design




HUBA Design

HUBA Design
This cool play kitchen was designed with a huge variation of application possibilities. It has a sliding counter top, a large number of small drawers and containers. The kitchen is on wheels and can be moved with the help of the parents. Suitable for both large and small rooms. The dimensions of the storage compartments have been matched to most of the existing food products and toy cooking equipment.



Play Constructor:

HUBA Design

HUBA Design

A super cool DIY piece. A carpenter’s table with all the necessary elements to help organize a small carpenter’s work. Contains a vise, a magnetic table for drawing clips, a tabletop with locking holes and lots of other important tools. The table can also serve as a standard desk for work or play when closed.



Pom Pom Blocks:

HUBA Design

The blocks are sold in sets of 8 pieces and in each set you will find different types of geometric figures and colors. Kids can build sofas, couches, gates, cottages, towns, and anything else that child’s imagination allows. The filling foam has been adjusted to allow the weight of the child to move freely while being lightweight and soft. The cover material is waterproof and very long lasting.


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