Hook Pook

Hook Pook
Hook Pook is a young Polish children’s furniture brand. Design furniture, toys and accessories for children stimulating creativity and developing motor skills.

The TOWN series can be moved around easily {everything is on wheels} which means that our children can play, be creative, have fun and develop their motor skills.

And to make the pieces even more versatile you can buy some wooden screws. The kids can use them safely on the furniture and build tents for example. Very clever idea!

The furniture is made of one-sided laminated MDF covered with foil. The surface is resistant to dirt and easy to clean.

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Hook Pook

Hook Pook

Hook Pook

Hook PookHook Pook

Hook Pook
The bed is your own little house during the night and turns into a cool playground during the day.

The two cupboards can store clothes and toys. You can turn the top of the bigger cupboard and connect it to the smaller one with the wooden screw – and you will have one large cabinet with a classic flat top. I love things that can be changed and give your home a different look when you feel like it or when you change house.




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