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Gera Bloga

I told you that now with baby number four on the way {did you miss the news?} I will share a little more again about babies. And this is such a wonderful way to start…

Gera Bloga was created by Dovile Mikeleniene who lives in Lithuania. She has two girls – twins – Olivija and Emilija and this is where her story begins:

My story begins with the birth of my twins – they were so small and fragile when they were born that they were cold even in the middle of summer. At one point, the NICU nurse suggested I have someone knit natural, coarse wool vests for them to wear on their bare skin, so my mom came to the rescue with two tiny handmade vests. They were such a lifesaver! After my mom knit those little vests, I had a thought: nature knows best when it comes to protecting and caring for your babies. If handmade clothing could be natural and comfortable, while also modern and beautiful, it would be perfect for my babies — and for other babies around the world. That led my mom and I to create our collection of natural handmade clothing.”

I love this. Such a sweet story….

And I also believe very much what Dovile says about todays way of buying and consuming:

In recent years, fast living and fast consumption — buying things you don’t need and then throwing them away — has become less and less attractive to me. I want to create necessary things, and I want them to be valuable. I believe in nonsense-free baby clothes that are simple, pure, and made for a baby’s adventures: the kinds of things you can pass from one child to the next, from one family to another.

Simple and pure baby clothes. To keep them warm, cosy and that can be worn by their siblings and maybe even by their very own children….

A brand with a beautiful vision!


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