Best Family Games {gift guide 2016}

Family Games {gift Guide 2016}
When the kids have no school, you are on holidays and there is this lovely Winter mood going around. Dark and cosy afternoons, maybe after a long walk in the park… this is a perfect moment to pour some cups of tea and take out a game. A family game – that everyone can enjoy, play and have fun. {yes I have my romantic glasses on for today’s post}

I put together a few, we own more than half of those, have played all and I can truly recommend them. They make great gifts and are ‘must haves’ in every family home. Voila, the best family games:
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1. There is always one, and only one, matching symbol between any two cards. Spot it! Fun for all ages and perfect when traveling.

2. Babyfoot or foosball or kicker… whatever you call it – it’s superfun!

3. Beautiful wooden and magnetic Backgammon game. Ages 8 and up.

4. Blocks but different. Tiles and magnetic. And cool in their clear colours. Magna-Tiles are super.

5. Kapla is truly for the whole family – the baby can hold the planks, destroy towers built by other family members and everyone else constructs their dream house or tries to re-build the Golden Gate Bridge. Together!

6. Classic stacking and crashing game of JENGA!

7. Puzzles are great family games. Big versions like this one can also be done by younger kids… with mum and dads help.

8. Wooden blocks in H form, available in white, black and birch. Wooden blocks are always are good idea!

9. Game Cube – 6 activities in one ! The nine men’s morris, ludo, the show-jumping course, a car park, soccer and basketball. A great activity kids can convert into a chair or a little table ! Made from plywood.


Enjoy and have fun playing!




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