7 kids rooms that look like right out of a fairy tale

natural kids room

After yesterday’s visit to the magic worlds and fantasies, I thought that it would be nice to keep the spirit and share some wonderful fairy tale inspired kids rooms.

Away from the minimal trend and full on with deep colours, heavy wallpapers, and lots of whimsical decoration. A recipe that always seems to win and really add an instant magical twist is a canopy! But not only. Adding garlands, stars, several layers of blankets, and gorgeous cushions and pillows will also add a big dose of mystic.

To visualise and to get inspired and take home some ideas, I found 7 kids rooms that look like right out of a fairy tale for you:


Canopy kids room
This gorgeous canopy is made of linen-like georgette fabric with a stunning lace trim. And it truly has just the right amount of detail and a magic touch. Together with the floral wallpaper and accessories this room really looks like just out of a fairy tale.


fairytale kids room
Not as charged but lovely nonetheless. Soft pale pink walls, which is very sophisticated yet playful. And of course that mirror invites for lots of creative role play moments…


fairy kids room
What kind of dreams can you have when sleeping here? They truly must be magical… under the pompous sky of stars and on the romantic frock. (lots of lovely linen bedding, bed skirts and more available here*)


natural kids room
Fantastic double room that comes with a natural magic because of all the wood. And a great example how a canopy, cushions, and buntings make it truly enchanting.


fairy tale kids room
Sit in your an impregnable fortress or castle or whatever you decide to make out of your cosy canopy corner.


vintage kids room
An amazingly beautiful children’s room that provides so much inspiration. Have a look and enjoy all the details. You will some new ones every time you come back to it. Lots of beautiful toys, cool wallpaper, and vintage treasures.


wallpaper kids room
And another example where the wallpaper is the room. Which makes me think that I should maybe really try it out in our home too. Starting with a small feature wall…

Enjoying these fairy tale kids rooms? A good selection of canopies can be found here* and you can see more inspiration here.


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