Fairy hat DIY

fairy hat diy
Some time ago I saw this post and fell in love with the yarn.
Fabulously funky and unique handspun yarn. Trims spun in the yarn may include sequins, ribbons, lace or tiny flowers – so fun and beautiful.
I had to get some and make a hat for my girl. The pattern I did not like so much so I kinda created my own, which sounds more sophisticated than it is… you will see, very easy… but with such a cool yarn you do not need a difficult pattern.

As much as I like the Gypsy Garden yarn I wanted a different colour for the brim – I think it stands out more like this!
fairy hat diy
fairy hat diy
You need:

12mm needles
1 skein Knit Collage Gypsy Garden/ colour Cosmic blue and I ordered mine here.
1/2 skein Freedom Wool/ colour smoke blue  – I ordered here
Pom Pom maker – you can make a pom pom without it of course. I got one because I somehow do not manage to make really cool and round pom poms otherwise.

{Colours to choose to your taste of course!}
Note: Each Gypsy Garden skein is approximately 35 yards, for my pattern I used a bit for the pom pom and in the end only had a teeny tiny bit left – just as I wanted. 
fairy hat diy
fairy hat diy
Let’s start.
It is a bit funny to knit the Gypsy Garden but with 12mm needles it is very quick and the quality is amazing. Nothing falls off and with all the tiny lovely things it is really fun as you discover whilst knitting…

Size wise: My daughter is 5 1/2 and I would say she can wear this hat for some more time!
Tada – my first knitting tuto:

*Cast on 40 stitches with your plain colour yarn. I always use the long tail method because you get a nice and clean edge. J

* Join the round and K1P1 for 7 rounds. (you do not have to knit in the round if you do not like it, just follow the pattern and sew the hat together when finished)

*Change to the Gypsy Garden yarn and knit every round for 10 rounds.

*Start decreasing:

Round 1. K3, K2TOG, repeat around
Round 2. Knit
Round 3. K2, K2TOG repeat around
Round 4. Knit
Round 5. K1, K2TOG repeat around
Round 6. Knit
Round 7. 2TOG repeat around

* Draw yarn through remaining loops and cinch to finish. So whimsical!

* Make a pom pom with your preferred method and sew it on top of the hat. (Mine is 85mm.)

Really easy isn’t?!
Please do ask if something is not clear, first knitting tuto remember, and I will help as good as I can xx

Scarf: Fournier / Dress: Winter Water Factory

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