Embroidery hoop art for the children’s room

Paul & Paula: The bestembroidery hoops for the children's room

I have a new thing. Embroidery hoop art.

You probably know that I love embroidery in any form. And changing from the traditional prints and posters, these hoops are a lovely addition to decorate walls. Actually, I think, these look best when mixed with some of those prints and posters. Because the mix of modern and heirloom is still the best.

And do you know why I love those hoops?

There is something poetic about them. Something delicate and elegant. You can buy a lot of patterns and get creative. Which is wonderful in our quick world. And often the projects are not huge and rather easy even for beginners. (and they look very sophisticated!) A project that reminds you to slow down and that will decorate your little ones room. Love it!

Therefore, I gathered a few of my favourite embroidery hoop artists. Some are ready to be hung, some need to be stitched. You decide:


Paul & Paula: The bestembroidery hoops for the children's room

1. Simple yet stunning butterfly embroidery hoop.

2. French Mango. Colourful and fun embroidery art from a French mum living in Chicago.

3. Embroidery kits with little animal friends. Simple and sweet.

4. L O V E embroidery kit that includes absolutely everything to make this yourself.


Paul & Paula: The bestembroidery hoops for the children's room

1. Marta Insa from Aro designs and embroiders every hoop herself. I love the sweet faces. A beautiful addition to any children’s room.

2. Hand embroidery designs that are delightful and so pretty. I am sure you will embroider those with a big smile because they just make happy faces.

3. A fox for the woodland nursery!

4. Very sweet floral face pdf pattern that even beginners can master.


Paul & Paula: The bestembroidery hoops for the children's room

1. Sleeping foxes. Calm, sweet and a very easy embroidery that is great for beginners. It comes as a kit that includes all tools.

2. A good fairytale needs a stunning mushroom. Perfect for all the nature inspired nurseries and kids rooms.

3. Hand embroidered magnificent swallow that is ready to decorate your wall.

4. Such a stunning pattern. It is a pdf that you can download immediately and start your work. This Floral Field would look amazing in any room.


And if you love these hoops, you will love Momo und Carla too.


Top image: Georgie K Emery

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