EASYDiA + EASYoLo – modular seating and table systems


EASYDiA+EASYoLo are chairs and tables for children aged 18 months up to 10 yrs.

It is a modular, custom-designed wooden furniture system. They are designed under circular economy principles and Made in Italy, developed in collaboration with the University Milan Bicocca.

Rather than fix interiors, we prefer to conceive objects that you can modify and make of them exactly what you want. You can swap, substitute and change modules or make something else out of your chair or table: a toy for children, a photo frame for the family, an armchair for young people. Because according to us design is eco-design, but also re-design.
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Children love EASYDiA+EASYoLo , because they are light and stable. The simple shapes and beautiful colors make it fun to assemble and disassemble. Change them and make something new.

Have a look at PERSONALEASY and REEASY to see how you can ‘customise’ your chairs and tables.

If you are not a fan of the bold colourful look you can also go for something more subtle and stay within one colour or colour palette – it is really up to you.

Personally I think the softer colours together would make a very nice combination…


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