Our first night in the new house included a surprise

customised tshirts children

This weekend we spent our first night in our new house. And I had a surprise for the children. A package with some very cute customised t-shirts arrived just before we left Sweden and I managed to keep it hidden until yesterday morning.

When the children were in school I took some time and went through their folders where we keep some of their artworks. (with 4 children it is impossible to keep all, so once in while we go through the big pile and keep the ones that we feel most connected with and that involved lots of work and ideas)

I selected one drawing per child and scanned them. Next step, I uploaded the scanned images to make four custom t shirts. One for each with their very own artwork.

The t-shirts arrived quickly and I put them away because I wanted to surprise the kids with them. And I decided that the morning after our first night in the new home would be a good moment.
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customised tshirts children

customised tshirts children

customised tshirts children

customised tshirts children

So, after breakfast, I told them: Please go find some pants, no top and come down.

Obviously, I received some puzzled looks but everyone went up, went through a hill of clothes that needs to be folded and put in the cupboards, and came back with some pants on.

And tada, the bag opened and some fun t-shirts appeared. Quickly some stories about the drawings came up and especially Josephine had a big explanation for hers.


customised tshirts children

customised tshirts children

customised tshirts children

I think that the whole ‘make your own shirt‘ process from GoCustomized is so easy and quick that it is a super last minute and personal gift idea. My children definitely loved seeing their drawings on shirts and never thought that that was something you could do.

For me, I was happy that my surprise worked out and that I could put a smile on their face. Those last weeks have not been easy and every little thing that sheers them up is a precious one.

I hope you like this idea too and maybe it is something for under the tree or the stocking?

This is a sponsored article by GoCustomized. All words and photos are my own and I really liked the idea of surprising my children with their own artwork printed on t-shirts.

All images: Paul & Paula


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