Craft Birthday party

Craft Birthday Party
I actually did not really plan to write a post about Romy’s party but then I thought that it might help a few of you…


Romy turned 9! Yes N I N E! Big girl nine years old {to be very honest she did not yet actually… she will in 3 days and the party was that early because school ends in the beginning of June and to make sure most of her friends could join we planned it a week end before the last week of school}

We talked about this party for some time already, ideas came and went away, lets do this, maybe not… back and for… nine is not small, nine is not big girl, slumber party is an idea but most of her friends are not “ready” yet… until I suggested the idea of a crafts party. We brainstormed a little on what we could do and boom! – done… crafts party it is. She loves to make things! Always busy drawing, cutting, creating…

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This is why I decided to write this post… maybe you are in the same situation… and maybe you think about a crafts party but need actual ideas of what to do… and you know what? This is genius because you can tick a lot of {party} boxes at once…

Let me tell you:

Craft Birthday Party
Craft Birthday Party
We decided on four activities for a 2h party:

* Tie Dye / Batik a white t-shirt

* Paint a canvas

* Peg doll kit

* decorate cupcakes


Which means:

* party favours are what you make, so no need to fill little bags and think about those as well

* cupcakes are the birthday cake


When I realised all this I thought – best idea ever! Haha!

And wow, the girls really loved it. Everyone enjoyed making “things”, chatting, laughter… brilliant.

We decorated a little, set the table and put together a kit for every guest. A white t-shirt, a canvas frame, a peg doll kit and a cupcake ready to decorate. We also put some ropes and elastics on the table for the tie dye part. Some napkins, cups and drinks. That’s it! Easy.

Craft Birthday Party
Craft Birthday Party
The Birthday girl also had a candle in her cupcake.

When everyone arrived, we served some drinks and started. I explained how the tie dye would work.

Before I already prepared the dye in the bathroom {we had pink and navy to choose from}. The girls started to prepare their shirts and once ready we put them in the dye for 30min.

After that we took out the canvas frames, colours and put lots of bowels with water on the table and the girls started to paint.It was fun to see how they just started to chat and paint. And what funny topics they had to discuss…

Once they finished their paintings we put them by the window to dry and took out the little peg doll kits {by my friend Clair from Craft Make Play}. These are cute and quick to put together.

After that the shirts were ready to take out. I rinsed them a few times {while the girls were still crafting} and then we cut the ropes and discovered what patterns were created. That was so much fun!

The shirts then got a little tumble dry and went straight to the dryer to make sure they were ready by the end of the party.

Craft Birthday Party
Craft Birthday Party
And we went back to the kitchen. Now it was cupcake time. In the morning we baked some simple vanilla cupcakes and prepared the {simple!} frosting. I put all kinds of deco stuff out, the girls took turns with the frostings {you can buy easy kits in the supermarket} and then decorated their cupcakes… when everyone was ready we finally sang a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY, lighted the candle and they enjoyed their cupcakes.

There was a little time left {I was more worried we would never finish on time} and Romy wanted to play “spin the bottle” to receive her gifts.

And voila… the party came to an end, the shirts were dry, most of the paintings were dry and everyone left with great souvenirs and smiles…

During the week I could see the girls in their shirts at school. Success!





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