Coveted Things

CovetedThings swaddle
Coveted Things Swaddles came into life because Meredith, the founder & designer, could just not see any more of the traditional baby blanket… the standard prints and colours… but wanted something modern & fresh.

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CovetedThings swaddle
CovetedThings swaddle
CovetedThings swaddle

I wanted to create a unique product for creative parents, that like my husband and I crave a more modern look for their nurseries. Just because you become a parent, does not mean you have to sacrifice good design.

Et voila, eye-catching designs and slogans on big sized super soft swaddle blankets which Meredith actually calls Swaddle Scarves… because you can also use them as such or as a sun shade, nursing cover up and and and…

We swaddled all our babies {and still do so with number four – the one thing that works magic when she is tired} and I can tell you it really makes a difference to have a nice design on something you use so often!

The sayings come from a book of notes and quotes that I kept when my older daughter was born. I would jot down little things that ran through my head such as, the infamous ‘Shit just got real.‘ Lets face it, if you have ever had or taken care of a newborn, you at some point have thought the same thing.

Each Swaddle Scarf is made with high quality super soft GOTS certified organic cotton and printed with non toxic inks – they will only get softer and more lovable over time.




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