Nova’s colourful playroom

colourful playroom
Sometimes I receive message about our playroom. Is it worth it. Would we ‘normally’ prefer to use it for something else. And do the kids really make use of it.

Now, I think the general decision about having a playroom or not depends probably and foremost – do you have space for it. And the one big advice that I can give you is: It has to be close to you. To the place where you spend most of your time (probably the kitchen?). Because cool playroom, best toys, fun stuff… in the end your children prefer to be around you.

I have seen it in many other homes. Playroom yes. Usage not so much. Because the room was on the other end, or upstairs or just somewhere not close to you.

It also helps you to keep an eye easily (especially with young children).

And if your kids are let’s say under 8 it is well worth it. Next to the kitchen it is definitely the most used room in the house. And it keeps the bedrooms more or less clutter free and tidy. Including our living room and bedroom.

I found this really cute playroom from Nova on A Beautiful Mess and it is a great space that invites you to be creative and to play.

A great inspiration if you are thinking about a playroom:

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colourful playroom

colourful playroom

colourful playroom

colourful playroom

Cute right?

And the open shelves are a great way to store toys, craft utensils and other things but they do like really pretty too. I especially love the shelve to hold pencils and brushes.

The wall with all the animal heads is lovely and I would love to have this kind of window in my house. With a bench in front, for reading and dreaming!


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