Coaters – animal coats for children

Coats for children in the form of a lion, fox, dino, bear or leopard.
High quality and handmade with love from the USA. {there known as Little Goodall}

Coaters brought these jackets to Europe and I think we need to applaud because they are too cool to be missed!

To make one handmade coat it takes about 10-15 hours depending on the style!
Every piece is entirely handmade and crafted of felt and interlined with poly fleece for extra warmth. Cutting is very time consuming as each size of each style has between 40 and 60 pieces to be cut out of 5-6 different materials. Nothing is done by machine …
It does make them even more special than they already are!

Good news:
With code P&PGOESCOATERS you get a 10% discount.

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