Christmas DIY with polymer clay

Polymer clay DIY
Considering that Christmas is quite a hectic month for everyone (especially moms). I’ve decided to take the simple and easy route (again).

I’ve never played with polymer clay before, and since it is my son’s favorite material to work with, I decided to give it a chance.

For this project you’ll need:

• Polymer clay

• Cookie cutters in your favorite shapes

• Something to cut, like a dull knife

• Roller pin or something similar

• Backing tray and parchment paper

Polymer clay DIY
Polymer clay is much harder than play-doh so you’ll have to work it a bit.

Then simply roll and use the cookie cutters for the shapes. Here are a few ideas.
Polymer clay DIY
And don’t forget to cut a little hole (which is where you’ll be hanging it from).

Polymer clay DIY
Follow the instructions on the packaging to set temperature and oven time.

Polymer clay DIY
Use your new polymer clay ornaments to decorate your Christmas presents or Christmas tree.

Polymer clay DIY
Or simply use them to decorate your dinner setting and let each guest take theirs home.

To all Paul & Paula readers, I wish you a wonderful Christmas, and a very crafty 2014.


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