Chanklas – Atelier Ancestro

Chanklas - Atelier Ancestro

Sandals in November? Well… yes! Ha….

Because, apparently launching resort collections and swimwear at this time of the year is the new thing (in kids wear) and working really well. So when I found this draft that I wanted to publish for ages… I thought… well, all these lucky people looking for swim suits in November may need some cute sandals too.

So, these gorgeous soles are from Chanklas – husband & wife, Kenny & Karen’s mutual passion for history, wandering & design led them to their own story.

Originally from Mexico, Karen grew up with a deep appreciation for tradition and was heavily influenced by her European ties as well. And as fate would have it, her great-grandfather, was a shoe maker.

‘Two generations later, we honor the art of our ancestors with a collection that tells its story through fine leathers, centuries old techniques & steps taken.’
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Chanklas - Atelier Ancestro

Chanklas - Atelier Ancestro

Chanklas - Atelier Ancestro

Chanklas - Atelier Ancestro

Chanklas tells the story of two colliding worlds. Inspired by techniques used for centuries in Mexico and influenced by Europe. It is where tradition & avante-garde meet, where past & present beautifully collide.

An ode to the tradition of an ancient civilization with the introduction of fine supple leathers & sophisticated aesthetics.

By the way, in Mexico, the word ‘chancla’ (pronounced chàn-kla) is slang for sandals – which in turn comes from the nahuatl (the dialect spoken by the native people of central Mexico) word cactli, meaning shoe.

‘These shoes tell their story as they journey with you through your own whimsical wanderings!’


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