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MiniMe – chunky cardigans for the little ones and mum too

chunky cardigans for the little ones and mum too

With the gorgeous weather outside and Spring-like temperatures one of my favourite looks can come out of the cupboard. It is time for chunky cardigans!

But before I will share my latest find, how lucky are we? Half term that feels like Spring? when did this ever happen? Together with the kids we already made plans – we will form a little garden crew and prepare ours for the warm season.

It is the first time we actually have an outdoor space that is big enough for a family table, a BBQ, even a little sofa as well as plants and bushes. Surprise of the year will be to discover what we actually have out there.

I will probably do some little updates over on my Instagram, if you are interested.

But back to the chunky cardigans for now…

Because Monika from Tinywool knits the most gorgeous pieces from the best merino wool. Have a look:

chunky cardigans for the little ones and mum too

chunky cardigans for the little ones and mum too

chunky cardigans for the little ones and mum too
chunky cardigans for the little ones and mum too

And like I said – today is MiniMe time. You can find children’s sizes but also sizes for grown ups. And isn’t this the best matchy matchy look anyway?!

Gorgeous sweaters, chunky cardigans and some lovely accessories. Available in many colours and always in soft and warm merino or alpaca knits. Cosy!

chunky cardigans for the little ones and mum too

chunky cardigans for the little ones and mum too

chunky cardigans for the little ones and mum too

chunky cardigans for the little ones and mum too

Pair it with your favourite denims, a long skirt or a lovely dress. The options are endless… basically.

Tinywool was created in 2017 and is based in Telsiai, Lithuania. As like many other brands it started with the birth of Monika’s daughter. Once she knitted her daughter a cardigan and received a lot of compliments, she started to expand and knit for other people as well.

My favourite would be the grey alpaca cardigans for little ones* and then for mums*. Absolutely love the sleeves and grey is such a timeless colour that goes with everything.

Affiliate links marked with *.
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Adding a touch of India to your home

Adding a touch of India to your home

Hello! Fresh back from Paris and starting the week with something for the whole family that combines the French chic and traditional Indian roots.

You may have noticed that I am writing more about interiors as well as accessories and design brands at the moment. I will tickle that a bit more when I will write my round up about the fairs I just visited. But as a whole: I find children’s fashion a little bit boring at the moment. That is why I am looking a bit further and share more from the other worlds of the industry.

And the funny thing about today’s brand is, that I follow Jamini for a very long time on my Instagram. And only just realised that I never wrote about them here. x facepalm x

Jamini is a lifestyle brand that has roots in India and is based in Paris. Usha, the founder, brings together two great and fascinating cultures to create a unique range of handcrafted lifestyle pieces.

Discover the mix of centuries-old techniques to highlight, modernity, contemporary French chic, colours and patterns. A peek into the Indian culture and a glance of France.

I love it!


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Adding a touch of India to your home

Adding a touch of India to your home

Adding a touch of India to your home

Adding a touch of India to your home
Adding a touch of India to your home

Usha grew up in India, worked in Hong Kong and moved to Paris to start a family. And the birth of her first child made her realize the urgent need to create a bridge with her roots, India.

And then Jamini was born. Out of a passion to showcase the elegant beauty of textile traditions and the skills of expert artisans from her country.

Today you can find beautiful home accessories that combine modern graphics with traditional know-how. Each piece is produced in India in an eco-friendly, fair-trade spirit. Cotton, woven silk, embroideries, hand-printed fabrics – the materials are beautiful and the designs are delicate and original.

Adding a touch of India to your home

Adding a touch of India to your home

Adding a touch of India to your home

Basically I want everything and like I said in the beginning: This is the perfect shop that can decorate any room in your house. For the kids, your sofa or bedroom. Beautiful cushions, scarves for mums, cute bags, mattresses to play on or rugs to give your space the last little detail.

Last three images: Claudio Cambon & Bruno Warion


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28 delightful things for your December!

Paul & Paula: 28 delightful things for your December!

Ok, I know it is not Friday (yet!) but Thursday will do beautifully this time around too. Because I saved so much great stuff for this list, you will need an extra day.

And I am happy to finally share all of it and get this out to you… this may very well be the longest Friday List on Paul & Paula to date!

By the way, I am planning to write a few things that are on my chest next week. A few life updates…

I hope that I will find the time and the perfect moment, because I always need to ‘right’ moment to get started.
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Typically Red
Typically Red – thoughtful keepsakes.

Ever noticed these awesome subtle details in those movie credits?


scandinavian kids room
Lovely family home in Stockholm.

My latest fashion crush.


kids chess set ingela p arenhus
Antoine loves chess and this set is really cute, don’t you think?

About Instagram and captions!


Fantastic vintage inspired boards for the kids room.

DIY – paper umbrella garland. Frankie.


rainbow-rug kids
Totally thinking about this rug for one of the kids rooms upstairs.

Is this the future of retail?


geometric paper xmas wreath
My kind of Christmas wreath.

I found this super interesting. 6 rules of photo composition that are also rules to live by.


felt creative christmas wreath
And how about this one? A wreath for every door?

More Instagram – the feed war.


lovebox messenger
All there is to say: Lovebox makes it easy to spread the love

Keep your baby warm this winter.


raduga grez wooden toys
Love me some Raduga Drëz toys.

Who does the best show on stage?


wunderkin hair accessories
Wunderkin hair accessories. A dream for every girl. Timeless and elegant. And cute!

Cool breastfeeding tees and jumpers. And I mean, really cool!


japanese kids clothes
Kids clothes that make happy. Tiny Rainy Kids from Japan.

Very much in love with this wedding dress collection!


moon shaped wooden letter board
So wonderful. Moon shaped wooden letter board for all the messages you want your kids to remember.

A dream house.


A complete mood board for the kids room. Beautiful prints and cards.

Plush magic.



Very poetic.

Our folk.


Sooooo… I hope you enjoy my picks and the articles that I think are very worth reading. Have a great rest of the week… xoxo

PS: Have you seen these attic rooms? So cosy…


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14 joyful things for your November!

14 joyful things for your November!

Sending you into the new months with some really cool stuff. Reads, finds and interiors. November is (nearly) here and I know… it is not everyone’s favourite month of the year.

So let’s just believe that the golden autumn weather will stay and in case of grey skies and rainy days… you can just enjoy this list.
By the way – are you all set for Halloween today?

I am so curious on what will happen here in London. Because in Sweden Halloween was not (yet) a big deal. Some parties, mostly at school, and maybe a bit of decoration at home. But not much trick or treating…
The kids are super excited, of course!
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wooden-toy-cooker flexa
Beautiful wooden toy kitchen from Flexa.

What does life look like for girls turning 18 in 2018? NY Times.


paperless card
We used these pretty e-cards from Paperless to share our new address with friends and family. Everyone loved them and lots followed our invitation to send a little card for our arrival at the new house. The children were so happy to find some snail mail when we arrived.
And the designs are so cute, that we will use them for holiday cards again! You can find designs from Rifle Paper, Marimekko, Kate Spade and many more…

Home inspiration!


WeeHeeHee book
Wee Hee Hee! So funny! My kids love it…

Not even two months left until Christmas! Time to check the decoration boxes…


scandinavian home amazing inspiring boho
If this house does not inspire you… well, then I do not know!

What do you know about breast health?


muima pom pom blanket
Loving the pom pom blankets from Muima.

Boho wall decorations!


meme kidswear
Meme – winning the black & white game every season!

Shower mat – the pretty version.


romey loves lulu
Hugo loves Tiki got a sister. Romey loves lulu!

As a big Studio Ghibli fan, I am especially excited to see their latest collaboration with Petit Bateau!


Enjoy your November!


This post contains affiliate links. If you click and shop through the link, I receive a tiny commission. No extra costs for you!


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15 happy things for your October!

Paul & Paula 15 things for October
Oh hello! At the moment I am not so sure how I feel about Fridays. On the one hand, I am happy for the weekend to start. On the other hand, I feel like time is literally rushing through. Another week has gone by… waaaaahhh…

I cannot wait to slow down again and breathe. We do have a really great holiday coming up for the Winter break (Dec/Jan) and I just love the pre-excitement before going away. This time even more, because we all really need a break. To relax, to spend time together (slow and quality) and do not follow any wake-up calls, appointments, and other commitments.

How about you?

I do love autumn very much and this year we are lucky to see some sun shining through the pretty leaves as well. But I can also see that this is always a rather hard period for the children. Between the middle of August when they went to school and the very end of October – it is a long period of school weeks. On top the days are getting shorter, the mornings are dark and a little chilly. Everyone is tired. Do you feel the same?

Nevertheless, I have gathered quite a few cool finds as well as reads for you. I hope that you will enjoy them:

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mum and daughter dress minime look
Oh, the perfect mini&me look. Black dresses! (here are more twinning outfits that are really cool)

Loving this DARLING cushion!


tiny door for sylvanian in kids room
OMG! You see what I see? This tiny door? Isn’t adorable?

Super cool collab!


wooden play fishes
I love the play kitchens from Macarena Bilbao. She added lots of cool play food and other bits to her shop like these wooden fishes!

You like to eat like a local while traveling? Here are some great tips on how to actually do that…


Beautiful boho inspired shelf.

You want to eat more healthy? This is a really good article with a good dose of humour and tons of facts!


Adorable big turtle cushion!

From Berlin! Ultra cool backpacks for mini and maxi!


family home in malmo
Love seeing ‘real’ family homes. And here, the dad is really creative and makes lots of cool stuff for the kids. Fun fact – the family lives in Malmo. Ha!

Very detailed article about fake Instagram followers, comments and likes. If you are interested!


children's room with bunk bed
Very different to this ultra modern and clean version of a kids room. But I like the functionality and use of space.

Wow! Just wow! Very intense and personal story


the hey gang
The Hey Gang! Really cool and relaxed styles for children. Mostly unisex!

Happy week end! xoxo


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