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Here you can find the best DIY ideas and projects for your little ones.

Have a look and start a craft project right now. Arts and crafts. Birthday treats. Easy tutorials for various seasons. Advent calendars, Easter egg colouring and and and… enjoy! Arts & crafts for kids and their parents.









5 inspiring playrooms

Whenever I share a picture of our playroom on Instagram {here or here for example} the feedback is always really good, interested and often I get lots of questions.

So I thought it is time to share a little more about playrooms. Ours came together by accident. More or less. It started to be a bedroom when we moved in. But the kids preferred to sleep with a sibling {or us} and the bed in there stayed empty. After a while we moved it and VOILA – the playroom was born.

It is definitely one of the most used rooms {together with the kitchen} in our house however I learned and saw at friends houses – is the playroom not close to where everything happens and where you are, it is not used that much. Ours is connected to the kitchen and it is perfect.

How you decorate and fill your playroom is of course up to you. A reading nook or even a small sofa or a good armchair are perfect for quieter moments. A table is a must for jigsaws, board games and and and…

We have a very long hallway next to the playroom and the table is there most of the times {we just moved it in the playroom actually, I like to change and try new set ups}.

Online you can find lots of inspiration and objects on Flinders for example – little furniture and great decor articles to personalize your space.

Here are 5 inspiring playrooms that I would like to share with you and to give you some ideas:


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Love the dollhouse used as a shelf, the cute reading corner with the books on display and the mirror. Little people find themselves very interesting and this is a brilliant idea.


Very organized and such a happy space, don’t you think? Love the rug and the big table for lots of crating fun and creative moments!


Good storage solutions are essential and of course it depends on your house what is possible. I love built-in shelves and I like this little bench on the wall.


Probably the most used item is a good table for kids. Drawing, crafting, reading and and and….


Another fabulous idea – spots. Wall decals. You can take them off easily once you get bored of them or your kids change interest {grow up!}. That sofa is awesome and such a great solution for a room under the roof.


Have a playful day!





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Dye your Easter Eggs naturally – recipes

Naturally dyed Easter Eggs

This year I tried something new with the kids. We dyed our Easter Eggs with natural colours. No shop bought dyes but the real deal.

The kids absolutely enjoyed preparing the colours.

The results were surprising in some cases. We left our eggs in the dyes for around 1 1/2 -2h. The longer the better/ stronger the colour. Some people leave them overnight as well…

We put the eggs in the dyes when they were still warm and for the vinegar – I got the cheapest White Vine Vinegar I could find at the supermarket.

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Here are some recipes for Naturally dyed Easter Eggs:

For blue/grey result:
Mix 2 cups frozen blueberries with 2 cups water.Bring to room temperature and remove blueberries.Add 2 table spoons vinegar.


For jade green result:
Cut 6 red onions and put in a pan. Cover with water. Once water is boiling, let the mixture simmer for 30 min. Strain and add 3 table spoons vinegar.


For orange result:
Cut 6 yellow onions and put in a pan. Cover with water. Once water is boiling, let the mixture simmer for 30 min. Strain and add 3 table spoons vinegar.


For light yellow result:
Chop 5 big carrots. Put in a pan and cover with water. Once water is boiling, let the mixture simmer for 30 min. Strain and add 3 table spoons vinegar.


For pink result:
Cut 1 medium beet into chunks and add 4 cups boiling water. Once water is boiling, let the mixture simmer for 30 min. Strain when cooled down and stir in 2 Tbsp. vinegar.


For lavender result:
Mix 2 cups grape juice and 3 tablespoon vinegar.


There are many more possibilties – tea, turmeric, cabbage, flowers etc… next year!




natural dyed easter eggs

We tried two more colours today:

For blue result:

Cook one red cabbage, cut into chunks, with 6 table spoons of vinegar. Get the water to boil and let simmer for a few hours.


For light beige result:

Brew 4 bags of green tea in a bowl. When cold remove the bags and add 4 table spoons of vinegar.



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The Easter Friday List


It is Good Friday today. Are you ready for Easter? I am, especially the long week end part. We will do some crafts over the week end, hoping for an egg hunt outside {but most probably will have to do it in the house if the weather stays} and will have a brunch with friends on Monday at our place…

What are your plans?

Tomorrow I will share how we dyed our eggs. I posted a picture on Instagram and got so many questions. I thought I will share and you can have fun over the week end… stay tuned.
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Above is a cute Easter Egg DIY to get you started… {still lovely without the colouring in case you are out}



Or this super easy idea.

Cool fashion for Teens.



I have seen some strawberries around and if I find some that taste like strawberries – I am really tempted to try this. Looks very yummy and is easy to make… Strawberry Balsamic Crostini with whipped Ricotta. Oh yes!


During diner for the next days, when the kids are done and keen to leave the table, I will ask them what they would like to have for the brunch. They will come up with some ideas. AND they will think which they can do themselves. Next step: Writing down {or telling me and I’ll write it down} what we will need…. This usually becomes quite an entertaining conversation.


easter bunny origami


Make your own Easter Bunny – origami instructions here.

Walnut & Walrus launched their first clothing collection.



Another diner conversation: Where do we go on summer holiday? Leonor wants a big house with a pool. Romy wants to go to Encinitas and Antoine to Santa Cruz {same direction at least}. There are many places we would like to see but somehow {and I think it is for the first time} we have difficulties to ‘nail it down’…


Remember my mummy&me post – here is another cool brand that does lovely MiniMe fashion.

ROO rocking toy

This is ROO – a rocking toy from Riga Chair.

Don’t forget to print our bunny cones.


romantic kids room

Romantic kids room with a beautiful quilt blanket.

I am, together with a friend, working on a new project.


But for now: Happy Easter dear friends. Thank you for reading and for being here. Next month Paul & Paula will turn S E V E N.



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unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK

nidi furniture

Tomorrow Milano design week {during 4 and 9 April 2017} will open its doors and unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK goes to MUBA – Museo dei Bambini Milano. The space dedicated to children and their creativity for 365 days a year.

Unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK focuses on the most important Italian event dedicated to design – Design Week and Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milano – showing a special week with creative projects aimed to the kids’ world.

Art, design and creativity are the key players of unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK format who, since 2009, deeply perseveres to create and show the most creatives solutions to live and grow with kids, cooperating with brands, companies, designers, artists and creative people – Italian and international – involved in children’s universe.
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This year unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK presents projects who explain design not only as an esthetic but also a functional solution to grow.

The claim of this edition is #DontStop, do not stop being a child because childhood is, and will be forever, the time for playing and imagination.

But not only. Unduetrestella believes design for kids can be a key player to help them becoming adults formidable and make them grow aware towards issues of our present.

Of course Paul & Paula supports the exhibition and project and we are happy to share some of our personal highlights that will be presented by Paola from unduetrestella. I really wish we could be there and see it live. If you are in Milano or around – make sure you go:


babau lab babaulab2
Babau Lab (Italy), ethical lab careful to the use of natural and recyclable materials, presents 25×8: wooden toy for children which gives free rein to the imagination. All strictly “Made in Italy”.


fam fara
Fam Fara (Poland), Polish company with a linear and functional design, presents Kubbiki, natural wood 50×50 modules to stack and pull on each others to play and design the space, and their baby chair Krzeslo. Preview in Milan for LAD desk and container.
#DontStopDrawing #DontStopSittingDown


Gone’s (France), young French brand, founded in 2013 by the passion of the brothers Hadrien and Marian Dumontet, present a selection of animal shaped lamps (bird, cat and rabbit): Zooo Lamps in natural wood with a clean and simple design.


kid'sgarret kid'sgarret
Kids’Garret (Germany), handmade project founded in Berlin by an Italian couple – he is an architect, she is a costume designer.  Designed for children from 3 to 7 years old. Several collections that tell stories inspired by historical characters. Preview of the first collection titled Amelia and dedicated to Amelia Earhart, one of the first aviatrix women: a table-airplane Serious Desk, a Flight suit and a Goggle hat.



DollsVilla Global DollsVilla Global

DollsVilla Global (Netherlands), Dutch brand run by Liliane Limpens, designer of the DollsVilla by Liliane. The child height DollsVilla is a sustainable dollhouse on wheels for children’s most cherished 1:6 cars and dolls of 30 centimetres. With a cool design interior, stainless steel roof plates, a car ramp and three trays.


Mignomigno (Italy), Italian brand in Paris, presents an entirely handmade carpet realized with high quality recycled cotton. Each piece is unique, numbered and the choice and combination of colors is developed with great care.


MioMio (Italy), new Italian brand with an important sartorial history behind, creates a tailor made cotton and hemp collection with clean and poetic lines. On display are some models for girls (12 months – 8 years old) coupled with those of their dolls,


nidi furniturenidi furniture nidi furniture
Nidi (Italy), Italian brand that designs spaces for children and young people. Presenting furniture and accessories that give rhythm and character by creating personal environments. Woody wardrobe, Noel and Ello pouf, Tak chair, Mushroom and Apple carpets, and Surfy bookcase from the new collection Teens.
#DontStopGrowing #DontStopSittingDown


Unamo Design Unamo Design Unamo Design
Unamo Design (Spain), Spanish brand from Valencia, presents the Essenzia kid chair. Made from 5 colored Formica pieces (red, blue, yellow, white and black) with a connection to Mondrian and the Bauhaus. Convertible into a desk.



From April 4 to 9 unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK turns the areas of MUBA into an exhibition of design projects presented through the several activities of life and growth of all children: don’t stop sleeping, don’t stop walking, don’t stop eating, don’t stop reading, don’t stop drawing, don’t stop playing, don’t stop swapping…





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A few things … {Friday List}

main sauvage

Cabin fever has hit here. Really hard! It’s been a little over 3 weeks with my cast. And even so I can walk without the crutches I cannot go really far. Weather has been bad too. And all this sitting and starring at the screen is driving me crazy.

In a bit I am off to a lunch with a friend {picking me up, I am so lucky} and this week end I will just need to stretch my capabilities and go out. Crossing fingers the weather is with me…

But stop with the whining now and lets have a look at this week’s Friday List! Full of inspiration – kids fashion, kids rooms, news from our favourite shops and brands…

New collection from Main Sauvage! {above}
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kids room

Crisp and fresh kids room. Love it!


A great brand for teens but I will tell you a secret – size 18 years fits tall mums like myself very nicely.


portable dolls bed

Super cute little dolls bed. {the doll is available here}


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The Minimoon Kickstarter campaign started. These teethers are designed specifically for tiny, uncoordinated hands, so they’re easy to hold with one or two hands.


Little interview with me over on Fourmonkey’s blog.


cheese box DIY

DIY’s with egg cartons and toilet paper rolls are so yesterday. Use the cheese box!


Tights with braces. The latest trend.



I will make this tomorrow – sweet potato & eggplant lasagna!


Howlin’ Junior.


summer skirt

The perfect summer skirt.


We love dots.


maison eozmaison eoz

Maison EOZ – Spring / Summer collection just launched.





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