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Here you can find the best DIY ideas and projects for your little ones.

Have a look and start a craft project right now. Arts and crafts. Birthday treats. Easy tutorials for various seasons. Advent calendars, Easter egg colouring and and and… enjoy! Arts & crafts for kids and their parents.








26 sizzling things for your August!

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I have been a bad blogger over the last months but I guess you all know why. To make it up a tiny bit I managed to gather a Friday List so we can all start August in style.

And wherever you are, whatever you do… I really hope that you are OK and that things are more calm and manageable.

We are staying in this cute little cottage in Kent at the moment. And I can tell you, it is sooooo nice to be out of the city and see something else for a bit. I will share more about our stay and cottage very soon!

Here are your 26 sizzling things for a sunny month of August:


macrame weaving loom diy kit
Great range of DIY Knitting, Crochet, Weaving and Macrame kits*.

If you are looking for something special for your home.


sozo diy kits
More DIY: From funky cushion cases to embroidered wall art, let your creativity take hold with these kits from Sozo DIY*.

Great interview with Simone Biles in Vogue. To add you should also watch the Netflix Documentary about the US Gymnastics Team system.


natural body soap
French inspired natural skincare. Which looks very glam and chic too. Just like the French… (And they make great gifts!)

Also DIY, but outdoors: Eco-friendly container gardening kits*!


yellow maxi dress cotton
For me please! Fantastic yellow maxi dress* that will always put a smile on your face whilst wearing it. (you should check this shop out in general by the way…)

On my recipe list: Raw Nutella Bars.


hand embroidery pattern
I am on a roll today, more DIY kits: These hand embroidery hoop patterns* are so gorgeous!

This print just screams summer.


What a house!

One of my favourite decor brands.


white peach summer drink
Adult drink with white peaches. I actually got a blender to crush ice (Ours broke just before our last move) recently and collect yummy summer drink recipes…

Remember:  Colouring Pages to print out during rainy days!


child bonnet
Handmade baby and child bonnets*.

I made a very simple and yet delicious focaccia a few weeks back. Nothing compared to the very arty ones going through the net…


An old-fashioned favourite for little ones to easily transport their toy collections from room to room with this pull-along wagon cart*.

Hmmmmm…. roasted berry sorbet!


Toy Beauty_makeup-bag-pretend-play
My youngest is really into makeup and hair. She basically begs me to put on lipstick (my already very minimalist approach to make up is literally nonexistent since Corona started) and to do my hair. It is her birthday in September and I think that I will get this Toy Make Up Bag*. No need to worry about make up on furniture or skin problems…

Another adult drink, with grapefruit. Something I re-discovered over the last weeks as well.


mini me clothing design
Very cool and minimal clothes for the whole family – dada, mama & mini!

Something pretty for us mums!


woven throw blanket etsy
Time to get yourself a great gift that will make the extra time we spend in our homes even more worthwhile. In love with these throw blankets*….

More for the home: These rugs* are amazing, affordable and super fun!


stay close to people who make you feel like sunshine
Just wanted to give this to you!

Last one: If you are looking for a very special dress* for your child. Look no further!


Have a great month of August everyone. Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!



* affiliate links
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The 10 Best Colouring Pages for Kids for Long Days at home

The 10 Best Colouring Pages for Kids for Long Days at home
‘Mum, can you print a colouring sheet for me? Please!’.

I am pretty sure you know that question very well. And you also know the next step – searching, landing on tons of questionable websites, and mostly ending in images that are either too small and require too many steps to download.

I know! It is frustrating and so annoying. Especially because one might think that it is a very easy mission to print out a colouring sheet.

And I am also pretty sure that colouring is in extra high demand these days. For a little break from homework, or when you need some quiet time to finish something for work.

Therefore I went out to find some very nice colouring pages for kids. For different ages. And you can either print them from here directly or go to the website and do it from there. No spam, no strange stuff!

Let’s have a look at the 10 Best Colouring Pages for Kids for Long Days at home:



Monsters to colour in and to personalise. Give them expresssions, eyes, outfits, and whatever your creativity comes up with.

You can download and print it from here or visit the website.


turtle colouring page kids

Does your child love the underwater world? These turtles are fun and a great for younger ages.

Download and print from here or visit the website.



butterflies colouring page

Butterflies are always great and come with many shapes and details.

You can download and print from here or visit the website.



Oh Totoro. We love him so much in our house and this colouring sheet is a firm favourite for all of my children. I am sure it will be in your house very soon as well.

Print and download Totoro from here or visit the website.



Probably my favourite – this Scandinavian colouring sheet.

Please download and print from here or visit the website.


And here are five more:


summer-flowers-colouring page

Happy summer flowers and with lots of details. Makes the grown ups join and that is a good idea too. To unwind!

Download and print the flowers here or visit the website.


cats colouring page

Catlover at home? These fun cats will make them smile. And again – go crazy with your imagination and turn them into cool blue, yellow, or purple creatures.

Please download and print the cats here or visit the website.



One thing I learned last week is, that colour by numbers is really fantastic for little people. Searching for the colours in your box of pens and finding the numbers. Both great ways of repeating and/ or learning colours and numbers. With the  fun of colouring in.

You can download and print this cute ocean colouring page here or visit the website.




Cacti and succulents!

Please download and print from here or visit the website.


Free Printable Coloring Pages boy

Fun gecko that you can make as colourful as you like or give him all shades of his natural colours as you have available.

Print and download the gecko here or visit the website.


Have fun colouring in and I hope these colouring pages help to pass time a bit!


Please also see the craft activities I gathered to do with the children! They are very fun.



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The 10 best ‘stuck at home’ craft ideas with the kids!

The 10 best 'stuck at home' craft ideas with the kids:

Yesterday we announced to the children that tomorrow school will be open for the last time. Until further notice.
We had very mixed reactions over the news.

Leonor started crying and when I told her that we will do school work at home she came up with a waterfall of ideas and did not stop talking for a while. Romy, my little super brain, is concerned on how to keep up with the curriculum. Whilst Antoine started to make ‘reward cards’ for everyone. Now, this shall be fun.

And, yes I did start a schedule that we will try to follow. But realistically will be more a guideline seeing that we have to guide, help, and stay cool with 4 children of different ages next to our own workload.

Next to some math and science I also put things like music and art on our schedule. And that is why I thought it would be good to share some great ideas to inspire and help you as well. And of course, schools closed or not, having some craft ideas handy is never a bad idea.

The 10 best ‘stuck at home’ craft ideas with the kids:


The Shoe Box Mansion
This idea is fantastic and would allow to keep on going over a few days or as long as you want it really. Starting with the structure and adding details. Of course you can add boxes and make it bigger with time. Plus, it is great to do with your siblings. Team building activity :)


magna tiles window

Magna Tiles Window

So easy and great when you need to entertain a younger sibling whilst the older children need to finish their school work. I love the idea of placing the magna tiles on the window, but there are even more fun ways and ideas for them!


salt dough rainbow diy

Salt Dough

To make salt dough you need: 2 cups of plain flour, 1 cup of water, and 1 cup of salt. Mix, mould, and shape into anything you like. And once you are done you bake it in the oven (180C) until hard. fantastic to make ornaments, tiny bowls, or rainbows… rainbows are great these days to lift the mood.
For the rainbow DIY please follow this link.



Egg Carton Art
Super easy to set up and everyone can join! You only need egg cartons and paint. The rest your child’s imagination will come up with…



Painted Branches
Another great one and you could pick up branches during a walk outside. Paint them and even adorn them with anything you have in the house. They will make great decoration as well.



XOXO Painting
At first sight this might be more for teenagers but I think everyone can have a go. Show them the images and the idea of the project and let them go about. I find this a great activity for a soothing moment. Just concentrating on your painting.



Paper Robot
Your kids could come up with their own robot or use the template provided by La Maison de Loulou.



Paper Plate Snake
I ordered a big pack of white paper plates yesterday because they are so versatile when it comes to kids crafts. One idea is this fun paper snake that involves bubble wrap paper too.


cardboard rainbow mobile

Rainbow Mobile
More rainbows and more decoration. Our house will probably look like a museum and we can open for an arts tour when things go back to normal again. But this rainbow mobile is really so easy to make. And lovely as well!
And we definitely need lots of rainbows these days.



Cupcake Liner Flowers
Another simple craft idea that involves things you most likely have in the house already. Simple white cupcake/muffin liners, pens, paper straws, and imagination. That’s it. Some sustainable flowers for your kitchen table coming up!

Altogether some wonderful DIY ideas. But I have a few more if you like: Wooden Bead Necklace  / DIY kite / Dotty Tshirt / Button Heart


PS: We will sit over the plan all together this weekend and I am happy to share it once ready and approved. Let me know if that interests you.
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23 fun things for your March!

paul paula blog

Hej! Have you been waiting for this month’s Friday list? The wait is over and 23 fun things are waiting just for you…

There are some cool interiors, even cooler lamps, fashion for small people of course, and lots of sweet gift ideas and things that make your life a little more bright.

I hope February treated you well. There have been lots of grey and rainy days everywhere, so lets eat our soup and hope for lots of sunshine in March!

Have fun:


night light balloon
Not only a sweet night light* but also a great decoration for every children’s room.

Wish I could justify the price tag but I will swoon about it anyway…


Australia meets Scandinavia in London! Love this place.

Beautiful little linen clothes* for this Spring.


wooden rainbow pastel toy
Beautiful wooden toys*.

Very special knitted or crochet fruit and vegetables for the play kitchen.


personalised bunny doll
Perfect Easter gift – the name of your choice on the belly is sewn by hand with attention to the smallest details. It will become your child’s best friend. Sweet bunny doll!

Lots of cool lamps in this house!


linen dresses girls
Boho summer here we come… with these cute clothes*.

I do not use a lot of make up and found products that work for me but once in a while I do enjoy hearing about other people’s favourites and their routines. And I do love Laura Dern!


ethical exchangable sandal slidersa
Ethical Magic Sliders*! Upcycled uber-comfortable sandals made from recycled materials. By changing the upper part you have countless possibilities!

The article is about the best plant based milk option for your perfect latte. Well, I do not drink coffee but there are many good and important facts about plant based options vs meat and so on. To read!


scandinavian interior
Such a bright and well designed place. Love that door…

We are not really using AirBnb anymore. Too many stories when all you want is enjoying a holiday. Here is another reason why it might be worth looking for alternatives…


morley ss 2020
Such a fun and colourful collection from Morley this season.

So much character in this pink house.


The World of Whales is beautifully illustrated and we explore many interesting facts about these fantastic animals. Looking at the habits and characteristics that make the many species of this family so special.

Robbie Williams – a dad of four now.


faux animal heads kids room
Felt animal heads* for the nursery, kids room, or play zoo…

Exquisite leather accessories for big and small.


colourful african baskets
OMG! Loving these African baskets* and I want them all. On table, on the wall, little storage, fruit basket, bread basket… anything…
And they are great for adding a pop of colour!

Cool teen room ideas.


modern pendant lights
Talking about lamps earlier. Look at these!
Cool colours and unusual shapes will make your space original, unique and friendly with these lamps*. They are made from paper mache. Obtained from the recycling of old newspapers and ecological, certified water based glue. Very environmentally friendly and ecological.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


*affiliate links
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Gift Guides 2019 – children

Gift Guides 2019 - children

Good Morning! How was your first of Advent? I thought that it was pretty cool that it was the 1st of December too. A very proper start into the Christmas period.

Therefore I will continue with my gift guides. Half of them have been published and I hope that you found something you like. Today we cover gifts for children. The little ones, gifts for baby, were in the spotlight last week.

And how are you getting along with the gift shopping? I have not too much to get and that is a very nice and relaxed feeling. Leaving more time to bake, decorate, and strolls through the festive city.

Let me help you to do the same with some inspiring ideas of things you can put under the tree.


Here are some pretty good gift ideas for children:

1. This ultra cool raincoat* is the best and perfect for children who love rain. (like mine!) It is transparent, has a quirky polka dot print, long raglan sleeves, creativity buttons, and colourful seams.

2. A wooden pinball machine*. This is so cool!

3. Puppet theater* – soft velvet theater to invent endless stories and give a stage to all your dolls and superheroes.

4. Oh Harry! All my children are huge fans and I can share a secret with you: There will be lots of Harry Potter under our tree this year. Including some Lego. This one* is already hiding under the stairs and waiting to be wrapped and put under the tree. But the whole range is intriguing and not only for children…

5.  A modern take on a children’s play tent. It will offer many happy years of play and is designed to be treasured and passed down through the family. And the frame is easy to put up and when required packs away neatly into it’s own storage bag. A soft cotton padded play mat covers the base and is removable and washable.

6. We have this IQ puzzle* and often take it when we are out and about or traveling. It develops logical ability with 101 progressive challenges. And keeps them easily busy!

7. Wooden Abacus*.

8.  Let her or his favourite doll sleep in style with this sensational wooden doll bed*. Comes with a pretty pompom garland, and a comfy striped mattress.

9.  Let’s scoot. The deluxe version* for mini has an adjustable handlebar, an anti-slip silicon footplate and superior rear brake.  The maxi* is for older children and has been added to the collection not that long ago.
Various colours, accessories, as well as scooters for teens and adults are available*. We have various scooters in our household and they are always in use.

10. My Weather Station! Cool way to learn about the weather. Move the weather meter, turn the dials, slide the thermometer.
This wooden toy has 4 movable parts and 5 weather symbols to display.

11. Evie Fairy Doll*. Coming in a delightful outfit, a wand, wings, and cute headband.

12. An indoor gym* for toddlers with a step triangle, climbing ladder, and ramp. The gym is made from polished high class aspen wood and painted with child proof eco wax. Aspen wood is very strong and flexible. The gym is an excellent training and play device designed to develop muscles, balance control, courage and much more. You can change the height of the gym according to your children’s age/ size. There are various sizes as well as colours available.

Gift Guides 2019 overview:

* Stocking Fillers

* Mum & Dad aka grown ups

* Christmas Decor

* Baby

* Kids

* Family Games

* Books

* Teens


*affiliate links
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