Bunny & Clyde

Bunny & Clyde

Bunny & Clyde is a Irish/South African nursery brand that create timeless design-led furniture for children.
The range of heirloom quality furniture and products are versatile, safe, extremely well made, and importantly, for moms and dads too!

Limited edition furniture that’s designed to be passed on to future generations and that can be re-purposed in other areas of the home.

‘We believe that innovative design and sustainability go hand in hand. Not only do our beautiful and special pieces grow with children, they are also enduring features that make the family home – family treasures and family stories to hand down to future generations. When we teach our children that products are meant to last a lifetime, we are teaching them sustainable living principles and we are inspiring a future generation to instinctively understand and appreciate good design; We are investing in future generations because after all, our children and their children after that will inherit the world we leave behind for them.’

With a passion for wood’s natural beauty, Bunny & Clyde have found a way to bring some nature into the nursery.


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Bunny & Clyde

Bunny & Clyde

Bunny & Clyde

Bunny & Clyde

The brand collaborates with Mamas & Papas for an exclusive art deco-inspired collection, featuring distinct solid wood pieces, including a cot, dresser and rocking chair.

Influenced by classic geometric shapes from architecture and graphic design this collection makes a striking statement in your nursery. Crafted from birch ply with carefully painted detailing, the collection showcases quality craftsmanship that will last for years.

The distinctive cot is an ideal first bed for any child, and with the ability to adapt into a day bed or toddler bed, it’s the perfect second bed too.

Bunny & Clyde mamas papas Bunny & Clyde mamas papas Bunny & Clyde mamas papas

Bunny & Clyde’s range of luxury contemporary design-led nursery furniture products are all handcrafted from the finest materials available.

‘We are a design-led brand that places sustainability at the top of the list. We love that our furniture is multi-functional and so wonderfully versatile, that the pieces could be used almost anywhere in the home! We pride ourselves on the fact that we use only sustainable forested solid wood and birch ply to make our beautiful luxury heirloom pieces; and that all of our finishes are guaranteed to be 100% non toxic, all natural, and environmentally and baby friendly. Mom’s and Dad’s can feel really good about purchasing our socially and environmentally responsible products.’




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