Breakfast International {part thirtyeight}

Sisters having fun
Viola is artistic
Papa Kim loves late sunday breakfast
Mina is making our favorite egg salad
Name: Elisabeth Grønning Rognmo
Shop: JUMINA /

Where do you live: Hamar, a small village in Norway
Your kids name+ age: Julie 14 years, Mina 10 Years and Viola 6 years

What do they have for breakfast: Bread/ rolles, fruit, berries, egg salad, jam and cheese. To drink, juices and herb tea from the garden.

What do you and daddy have for breakfast: the same

We love late breakfast, or more like a brunch.
We are all so busy in the week days that we really take care of the weekend moments together in the kitchen. That my husband Kim build by the way ;)
We love to be around the table back and forth for hours in the weekends early hours, just relaxing, eating and talking before we all split up to do different things.
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