Best books for kids – by Peggy Juche

best kids books

Today it is my turn to share our favourite books.
You probably know that this is my universe here and that I am currently living in Sweden. We are a French/ German family so the books we own are a wild mix of both worlds plus some English.
The kids are 20 months, 4 years and nearly 7 right now!

1. We all love Le Soldat Rose. And is not only a book. It is a play, a CD and a story. We own all :)
We watch the play on DVD, we hear the songs and storylines in the car and read the book in the evening. The songs are great and liked by small and big people.
A little boy called Joseph, not very happy in the grown up world, lets himself lock up in a big department store because he wants to live with the toys. A story and many great songs about him and and his new friends.
Le Soldat Rose II came out not long ago and is as good as the first edition! In French!

2. We have many many books from Oliver Jeffers and all are very much loved. This was the first of the collection and the story still gives me watery eyes every time we read it. Lost and Found – a very beautiful film was made after the book as well! Must see and read as all other OJ books.

3. I grew up with The Little Mole and all my kids love it as well. A very charming and always helpful character that teaches you a lot about friendship!

4. I got this book because I was looking for something to learn German. A good mix and learn and play and a friend told me about tiptoi! Audio books in various themes that work with a pen. Every page has different “things to do”. You can discover and learn, you can play games, listen to little stories, hear songs and much more. Basically everything you see you can touch with the pen and it will tell you what you see and then directs you to the next steps. Or you decide play and follow the instructions. Many possibilities and lots to discover!

5. A beautiful book that touches your heart! A little rabbit cannot go to daycare because it is snowing so much. He is excited and wants to play but on the other side his dad cannot come home from his business trip because of the snow. Great illustrations, a real life story and same as with Oliver Jeffers, this is just one book of many we have from Komako Sakai.
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