Best books for kids – by Isabel Robles Salgado

best kids books

Isabel lives in Berlin and is one part of one of my very favourite blogs – little years. Her son Xaver just turned one this last March. I am very excited that I will meet her in Berlin this week end.

Lets look at their favourite books:

1. Piep, Piep, Piep: Das Buch der Geräusche // Soledad Bravi

Xaver just turned one, and reading stories to him isn’t really his favorite thing yet. Or wait a minute, it is! But he also loves to rip out the pages while reading so we still focus on books with thick pages, feel-books, and alike. I once tried the Gruffalo, one page is already missing, so I left it aside for later. His absolute favorite at the moment is Piep Piep Piep, he loves the pictures and the sounds and I love them too! I also have the feeling that he already starts recognizing animals and their sounds. Let’s hope, he’ll soon recognize the plug as well – it says a big NO :) It’s a lovely and really well illustrated book for 1 year olds and I haven’t met one who didn’t love it!

2. Schlaf gut, kleiner Bär by Quint Buchholz

This is one of the rare story-books, I really read to him already. At night, when he’s all sleepy and tired, and doesn’t have enough energy left to destroy it! He really seems to love the bear, keeps on pointing on details, and I have the feeling, it calms him down. From my side, I love this story, it’s so old-fashioned, but cute, and it provides such good energy…

3. Die kleine Raupe Nimmersatt by Eric Carle

We also love die kleine Raupe Nimmersatt by Eric Carle. A Classic! Xaver is still fascinated by the all the things the little caterpillar eats, much more than by the butterfly! I find this funny, because it fits so well. Xaver is such a good eater, he loves food, and doesn’t loose interest in ANY kind. I mean ANY! Pickles, Capers, Anchivos, he eats it all! Another favorite is the feel-book by Eric Carle. It doesn’t really have much to do with the original story, but there’s lots to do and feel, and Xaver can spent hours surveying and exploring every single page.

4. Bitte anstellen! by Tomoko Ohmura

Another thing we play with and read about everyday is animals of any kind. We have one book that imitates animals sounds, and we also love Bitte anstellen! by Tomoko Ohmura. It’s just so sweet and so clever. I also love the message: waiting, being patient, it’s worth it sometimes! A lesson we all have to learn, right?

5. Everybody poos by Taro Gomi

Maries {the other half of little years} favorite kids book, and I also think it’s brilliant: Everybody poos by Taro Gomi. Even though potty training is far away yet, I’m sort of already looking forward to see Xaver getting into the poo-topic. With this book, it’s gonna be a fun and easy approach.
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