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best kids books

Fadila lives in Casablanca, Marokko and is one of the first bloggers I interacted with when I started Paul&Paula. We met a few times and she is a very kind person. Fadile write Un Blog, Une Maman and her daughter is 6 years old.

Here are their 5 books:

1. Mon Zamie, Alain Mets: the author is actually one of her favorites now. She must have 5 books written by him and she is asking for more. She had the chance to meet him recently at school and he signed the copy of Mon Zamie she has. Alain Mets writes beautifully for kids with a lot of wit, humor and little messages that they can relate to and easily understand.

2. Good Night San Francisco, Adam Gamble – She likes to look at the pictures and hear me read her the story as it reminds us of our trip last year in California. It is a good excuse for us to ask me again and again about what we did and what we saw during this trip.

3. Casse Noisette, Elodie Fondacci – This is actually a CD and a book featuring the famous ballet The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky. It is part of a collection by Radio Classique (the French Radio for Classical Music) aimed at kids that makes the big composers accessible to them (and honestly, to adults like me as well). We listen to it in the car but also at home and she loves to dance to the music and follow the story using the book.

4. Le Mariage de Tata Keltoum (in Arabic) – As part as her bilingual education, we try to read as much Arabic children books as we can. This is actually a nice story about the Moroccan rituals surrounding a traditional wedding. She still yet has to attend one in real life :)

5. Péronnille la chevalière РMarie Darieussecq & Nelly Blumenthal РThis is a great unconventional story about a girl whose job is being a fearless knight. She actually asks to marry a prince who does nothing but play music all day long, and she has to go trough some stupid tests to show her worth (does it ring any bells?). And the end is quite great ! We love to read it together and make fun of all this and include all the silly stories about princesses, Disney included)
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